Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Corbin's Libraries do not close on President's Day, FYI...

This morning, I got up and started my scripture study. Luckily, I had put my phone on the desk. About 8:30, I heard my email notification sound and looked at it. It was  from ASHLYN!! I was soo very surprised since I thought we might not hear from her until Tuesday or Wednesday this week and it was President's Day and the libraries were closed...or supposed to be. I hadn't written her a normal weekly email and had just planned on doing it this afternoon. So her email said, "MOMMA!!! NO EMAIL???!!!" I felt soo, soo bad, so I hurried and jumped on the computer and started typing away.
As we emailed back & forth through the course of an hour, the things we were able to tell her and learn were exactly what she needed for today. I am so grateful that this situation happened because it ended up so perfectly for all of us. I feel like she was uplifted and we were as well.
So for this week, I am just enclosing a few snippets of her email since she didn't really write a regular email to us.
Me: Are you staying in Corbin? We are fine here. Everyone is still asleep this morning. I was doing my am scripture study & then I was going to go running. So glad I was inspired to read 1st! We went to the temple and saw the new version of the newest movie. It was good, but I missed so many things. I guess I just need time to process what I learned. HAPPY SIX MONTHS on FRIDAY!!! Wow, I can't believe it. Some days just drag, but then suddenly, I realize another month has passed. CRAZY!!
Ashlyn: Yes!!! I did not get transferred. I am soo happy to get another transfer here. :)  And Sister Short is here still too. :) This week has been a little rough... story of my life. :/ But emailing makes me happy. So, C dropped us. He told us to loose his number. We immediately drove over there and knocked, but he wouldn't answer. We sang a few songs because we knew he was in there, but he wouldn't open his door :( That was a really rough night. It's frustrating because our leaders tell us to "baptize!" and be clear about our purpose, but even when investigators WANT to change, like C, they walk away. Blah. Sometimes I get tired of "planting seeds." I keep trying to be patient, humble, diligent and obedient. I read Mosiah 4 this morning. It was a good one. I like the "believe in God" scripture. And I re-read that talk you sent me. (President Kim B. Clark: http://www2.byui.edu/Presentations/Transcripts/Devotionals/2014_01_07_Clark.htm "Hold on Thy Way and God will Be with Thee Forever and Ever.") Yesterday was an incredibly rough day. I don't know if I can describe it. It makes me feel bad talking about it, even.

Me: Sorry to hear about C. Remember that you don't know what future holds for you. So hold onto HOPE and FAITH. Heavenly Father wanted you in Kentucky!!! He wanted you in Corbin for this TIME. DON'T get discourage because you are doing GREAT!!!!!

Thanks mom. I want to go to the temple sooo badly! That would be the best. Maybe next transfer I'll get moved to Crestwood Zone so I can go to the L'ville temple!!? :p After Corbin, a city would be suuuuper boring. ha ha!! I'm afraid I've become a little jaded. Sister S and I joke about it all the time:
"We offended 2 ward members today?" No Big Deal.
P's in jail? Cool, what's our backup plan for tomorrow then?
Eat Bambi? Sounds great.
You don't have an address? That's OK, we'll just find your house somehow anyway. {FYI, That is her sarcasm/sense of humor on those last few lines!}
One thing that I've learned is that most things don't matter as much as we think they do. Another thing that Sister E always said was that we're not going to mess things up. I can't imagine Heavenly Father saying "Oh darn. They didn't do what they should've, this completely ruins my plans..." I love that he's already made up for our mistakes. It's like how he prepared another record because he knew Joseph would listen to Martin Harris and loose the translation. How much more he must make up for our mistakes, big and small, especially as missionaries.

Thanks Dad for the quick email. :) I love you so much, and I miss you a lot. I have to go pretty quick here, but I"ll talk to you soon. Have a wonderful, wonderful week!
Jeremy ended it with this email: We all love you as well and miss you. Hailey and Paige say HI. Take care, stay warm and put on your armor! Don't let that nasty, mean guy (he who shall not be named) get to you.

So that is the news from Corbin. All day I have wondered if Corbin realizes it's a federal holiday!!! :) And just for the record, I KNOW we aren't supposed to email back and forth, but I honestly felt like today she needed to be able to do that to lift her spirit and encourage her. So I will repent of that. :) Today, I have prayed about and for her and have felt like "Corbin is her preparation" for the kind of missionary the Lord needs her to be for the last 12 months of her mission.

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