Monday, February 10, 2014


This week has definitely held many blessings! We have some investigators who are doing really well.
This week we taught Ch, who we met contacting. He has been reading The Book of Mormon and loves it! We taught him a full restoration lesson with some members. It was probably the most spiritual lesson I've experienced thus far! We invited him to be baptized and he said yes. Then chose the date himself before we even suggested one. Then, Sister S and I taught him the Word of Wisdom and he agreed immediately to live it, and even gave us his 2 packs of cigarettes and lighter :) It was a very powerful experience and a huge blessing from Heavenly Father. The member with us gave him a blessing as well. The next time we taught him, however, he had slipped up on smoking and felt so guilty about it that he didn't want to investigate anymore. We talked to him and promised him that Heavenly Father still loves us even when we aren't perfect. We recommitted him to attending church. He came and loved it! He recognized the Spirit there and the members were really supportive and friendly towards him.

I have been studying Jacob 5 and I have learned so much from it. I have also been studying Alma 7 and the pattern Alma uses to teach. It's very interesting. I love the Book of Mormon.
We also sung at a funeral this week. It was the first one I'd ever been to and was very spiritual, but also terrible. I've decided funerals aren't my thing :/
Also, on a lighter note, I got out to back the car (in the middle of a neighborhood) and looked down and there was a pygmy goat chewing on my skirt!! Then, it started headbutting me! The man who owned it said that it was just trying to play.... which is probably why people prefer dogs! Oh, it was hilarious. I assumed it was a dog, then, all of a sudden, it was eating my skirt! Bad day to wear a floral print, I guess. haha!! And the guy kept telling us to "play with it." I kept thinking, "What do I do?! How are you supposed to play with a GOAT?" It just kept ramming into us! Then he tried to give it to us. Haha.
A Pygmy Goat
We also taught C, who is still doing really well, and also E. And guess what? E paid his tithing on Sunday!!
This week has been very productive, and very exhausting. I definitely have seen many tender mercies in my life and in the lives of investigators. Thank you for praying for me this week. I feel like someone MUST be because there have been so many blessings including a stronger measure of the Spirit, investigators keeping commitments, a member randomly bringing us food (Sister H <3) and also taking us to Cracker Barrel and the spirit prompting me to get the meatloaf. (I was having a tough time deciding as you can imagine.) It was really yummy and you know meat loaf isn't my #1 choice. Yay, Holy Ghost!!

Sister Galloway, Sister S & another missionary at Zone Conference

We had a district P-day today in McKee. It was fun and also the reason why I am so late emailing today. We just barely got back into Corbin. We played ping pong, cards, had a snowball fight and ate. :)
I had to write my weekly email to President W. I tried to list all the reasons why Sister S and I should stay together in Corbin for another transfer in my email. haha! I hope I can stay.

Oh, and I have a challenge for the family. Make profiles! Good missionary tool+easy+I can look up your testimonies when we have time throughout the week. Yeah?! I
Tell the fam I love them! And that they should write me a letter :)

-Sister G-way.

PS: You know you're in Corbin when:
-two guys your age are carrying 2 'coon tails in the middle of town.
-the 10 commandments are posted everywhere
-graffiti is ok, as long as it's religious.
-you pass "The Lord's Gym of Jackson County" on your way to district meeting.

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