Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A very cultural week...in so many ways!

This week we taught some awesome lessons! We taught a Catholic couple the Restoration and the spirit was really strong! We've been trying to begin each lesson by talking about the Spirit and explaining what it is to our investigators. It has proved to be really successful. At the end of the lesson, the man talked about how he felt "warmth" in his body as we were talking, but then it left after he went out to smoke a cigarette.
We also taught a 19 year old who had a lot of really sincere questions about why there are so many churches. We also discussed what Christ's church would look like if He were on the earth today.
It was also interesting, because we were able to teach some different people from what we usually do. We tracted into a man who was from Japan and wasn't even Christian, which makes a total of 3 people that I've met that aren't Christian. It was his first time praying and I felt very privileged to be able to pray with him, even if he wasn't interested. We also talked to a guy from Italy and an Israeli. It was a very cultural week -at least compared to usually!
But anyway, today should be a good day. We're going to go to Brother J's house. (ward mission leader). I've never been there, but the Elders say it's a lot of fun, which I think will be a nice break.
We've had some good moments this week, though. We taught some new investigators. Speaking of which, update on a few: J- got suuuuuper wayyy too into the Apocrypha and we had to drop him for now at least. He'd be a great potential in a few months or later on. He has conflicting "testimonies" of both books).
On a funny note, we decided to go knocking on a few houses before an appointment. At the first door, the lady opened it and was really grumpy. She told us that she had seen us at her friend's house night before and that we had ruined her daughter's birthday party! Then the next door a lady with a ton of dogs and a mustache was really angry and offended at us. She very forcefully slammed her door after yelling at us. I think It would have stung, but there was something kind of comical about it. Maybe it was the fact that she had a mustache!
One nice thing about serving here is that people don't normally tell you those type of things. I've definitely met some who vehemently disagree, but they at least respect the fact that 1.) you are another human being and 2.) you love God. (A good thing to love in The Bible Belt!)

-Sister Galloway

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