Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pickled Beets and Elder Perry

Hey Everyone!!

This week has flown by, much like every other week! So, this week has been cray-cray. Honestly, the last 2+ weeks have. Also, I got your package!! And, you should know, that  when it was delivered, it interrupted our tears during our weekly planning session. And then I got it and your letter and cried more. And so did Sister S. ha ha! We are so pathetic sometimes. It's funny; I think I hardly cried at all my first two transfers, but there are several days that Sister S. and I make it our goal not to cry that day! And, I love the CD! Especially the Arizona song. I asked Sis S if we could listen to it and she said "yes, as long as you don't cry." I didn't, but i was laughing so hard I almost did. I also love the song where they're talking about how they want to go back to Utah. bahaha!! {I sent Ashlyn a copy of the Gilbert Temple Youth Cultural Celebration music in her package. There are a couple of songs that are just comical! But most of them are very uplifting and motivating.}

Monday, we went to our Ward Mission Leader's house and had fun shooting slingshots, throwing knives, splitting wood and seeing his animals!

Tuesday, was kind of a rough day. We got dropped by some investigators we were really excited about and who had felt and recognized the spirit during our last lesson :(  They were the awesome Catholic couple we taught last week.  And they hung up on us. All of our other lessons also fell through, and it seemed like no one would talk to us. (Minus the drunk guy who wanted to marry us, but that's another story).

Me and Sister S

Wednesday we taught C, who is homeless and has a TON of great questions! He kind of fits into the category of the people in Alma 32. He has trouble believing in God, but wants to because he sees how much happiness and purpose it gives to people's lives. We talked a lot about the Atonement because that's a big thing he doesn't comprehend. We also taught him a few days later with a member and it also went really well! He's been attending this Pentecostal Church where they "speak in tongues," jump up and down, fall over and otherwise "feel the Holy Ghost". But it was really exciting because C came to church yesterday! He really liked church and I think was a little surprised that it was normal and quiet. And so did one of our other investigators, E. It was the first time E had been since 1994!

Saturday morning, we watched a broadcast of Elder L. Tom Perry in Knoxville, Tennessee on "Hastening the Work." Elder Ronald A. Rasband was also there. It was super uplifting and I got a lot out of it. He was so upbeat and positive. He talked about how members need to use the missionaries and missionaries need to be sure to spend time working with less-actives. He stressed the importance of having specific names and numbers. He also told us that the Holy Ghost likes lists!
We also ate some interesting food that day... fried pickles, glazed & pickled beets, and hominy (which is what grits are made of. Basically, boiled popcorn!).

Sunday, we did some tracting after church and we met Korihor. Our conversation with him basically followed Alma 30 pretty closely, except that we didn't strike anyone dumb. He was "polite," but there  was just a subtle mockery in everything he said. He was a Sociology major, which he attributed his atheism to. I'm glad that I have parents who can be sociology majors (my mom) or grow up Baptist (my dad) and still find and hold to the truth. It was crazy though. Most people here are Christians and if not, then agnostic. He straight up rejected the idea of any prophets, Christ or God. It was one of the times that I felt a little spiritually hurt because it was so blatantly untrue and just wrong. I feel like we magically tract into Baptist preachers, Atheists, or J-dubs an inordinate amount. 
Frog Legs & Catfish!

 The world really is getting soooo very wicked. I've seen it so much on my mission so far. Satan, unfortuantely, is very real. He is working harder than ever and is actively attacking. But, the Lord is hastening his work! Yeah! :)
This week, the Elders and us are singing "Abide With Me" at a member's funeral on Wednesday. And the Elders are pall-bearers. They made it abundantly clear that carrying a dead body was far preferable to singing in front of a group of people. Ha! But I disagree!

I hope you all have a great week!!!

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