Monday, March 10, 2014

First Baptism!

Sunday, we baptized E! He was just glowing and was so happy :) He works Saturdays so we had his baptism right after church. There were a lot of people there and it was just great!! It was also a little stressful at first. I've committed to never doing a baptism on a Sunday again : P it ended up being really good, but was just a little stressful because we had to get the font filled, programs copied, his nonmember family taken care of and stuff set up for the baptism and then also for the potluck. So as you can imagine, it was a little crazy and busy. But, it makes me so, so very grateful for all the ward members who do help us out. It seriously is a HUGE help!! It's easy to sign up to feed the missionaries -which is great, don't get me wrong- but going teaching with us, giving rides, befriending investigators, referrals, and helping us set up after church for our baptism/potluck really is a HUGE help :) We had 2 other progressing investigators there. One of them was even crying during it.
E & Ashlyn after his baptism

While we were teaching his neighbor, E walked through the door and sat and listened. He's a pretty quiet guy, but feels a lot more than he says. He was able to quit dipping {chew tobacco} cold turkey. He is really service oriented, which is a HUGE blessing for the ward :) We're excited to go teaching with him! It was a really spiritual day :) E's not a great communicator, but he definitely feels the spirit. He says that it's just built since the first time he saw us. 
Filling the Font.  (Note to Self: Add more hot water next time.)
This week we also taught K, who is a Cherokee Indian. He is a very colorful person and a blast to teach. He wears a fishing hat with feathers on it. Last week gave us both Indian names. Mine is "Star-bright" and Sister S's is "Little owl". He's great and feels the Spirit really strongly. This week we taught him in the library with a member, Bro. W present. They are perfect for each other. When K walked in the door of the public library, in his fishing hat with feathers on it and a cut off and man-purse, he extended his arm from his heart straight forward, kind of like a "hail Hitler" but horizontal. He also let out a big "Ahhhhhhh". It was an indian greeting apparently. Durring the lesson, Brother W went off on this tangent about "This woman whom I propose to on occasion." Sister S and I burst out laughing. It was probably really unprofessional, but we just couldn't take it. K gave us a pack of red pens, with the instructions to "write everything you can in red". So, I've been using my red pens all week! hahaha. We also went through the ten commandments, and had to spend waaay too much time on "thou shalt not kill." Kentuckians (especially K, who is usually packing heat) have a firm belief in self-defense laws :P 
Also, we asked Bro. W about how living the Law of Chastity has blessed his life. He goes "I'm sorry, I haven't done a very good job with that one."  If we were teaching anyone but K, it probably would've been a disaster lesson. But, like I said, they both were perfect for each other and even went to the Catholic Fish Fry together afterwards.
We also have been teaching C this week. We met him in the middle of a field by a shack. This Sunday our Bishop refereed to him as our "active non-member" He's had some bad experiences with some Christian churches in the area. He's a funny guy. It's been a bit of a struggle teaching him because he's really stubborn and doesn't want to "give in to God." We've worked really hard with him trying to help him recognize the spirit. This week we definitely had a break through lesson. We testified of the Atonement and we said a kneeling prayer. He's been struggling to find a job and has some difficult living situations. My companion and I felt inspired to promise him that if he did everything he could to follow the commandments and find a job, that he would be OK. The next day at church, he said that he had gone out to a bar that night. He felt like there was this heavy weight pressing on him, telling him to leave. He tried ignoring it, but it just got worse, to the point where he had the clear impression to "put out the cigarette, get your bag and leave." He did and even though he was miles away, he said he felt immediately better, even though he was in a tough situation. Sure enough, everything worked out for him that night. He said that he's not going to ignore those types of feelings again :)
So that was a big miracle. The Spirit is so powerful and it is only through it that conversion occurs. There is no way that E could have quit tobacco cold turkey with out it, nor that K and R would be coming to church, and most especially, that C would be willing to make such big lifestyle changes (He's REALLY stubborn!!) Following the spirit makes us happier, even if it doesn't make sense.
(which is also what E said after he came up from the water :) ha ha!

Sister Ashlyn Galloway

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