Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jail, Tennessee & Rooster Guts


So, first off thanks for all the prayers this week. Honestly, I have gained such a big testimony of prayer. I can tell when my family or others are praying for me because those weeks I definitely see more miracles and tender mercies.

This week was interesting... Monday we had a district P-Day at our Ward Mission Leader's house and they killed/cooked one of his roosters!! So that was pretty crazy. I only hid in the barn for part of it---I was pretty impressed with myself! ;)
Skinning the Rooster with Bro. J.

Tuesday, we went down to Williamsburg and then got on the freeway going south trying to find a ward member's house so we could teach their wife. Well, we missed the exit and had no way to turn around or get off until we ended up in Tennessee, which is out of the mission. :O  But, once we (finally) got to Bro. L's house, we had dinner with them and taught his wife. She talked about how she wanted to be baptized! So that was very exciting.

We decorated our planners!

Wednesday was a pretty normal day. Thursday was crazy busy! We had District Meeting. Then we had set appointments one after the other for the rest of the night. We also picked up a new investigator. He is a HQ referral from a member out of state. He was driving a truck and accidentally killed his brother. The member taught him about the Plan of Salvation. We are looking forward to going to teach him soon!

Friday was my 6 month mark (yay!). We got fed a ton of food. It was crazy. (Sister H sent me a picture of them at a Mexican restaurant that she took them to. Food + Ashlyn = Happiness!)

Saturday, we went to jail---to visit P, that is. It was so so so great. She gets out in April and we left her a Book of Mormon. She was pretty happy to see us.

E also came and taught with us this week, which was awesome. He is looking good so far for his baptismal date of 3/22! :) yay!!

Sunday, we drove way out to try and find this less-active couple. We drove up and down this country back road and couldn't find the house number. We asked a few neighbors and they said that they had never heard of who we were trying to find. We stopped and said a prayer, and decided to drive down the road again. We passed by this long dirt driveway-thing going to a house a little ways off the road. There was a mailbox at the bottom that said a different house number than what we were looking for, but I knew it was the right way to go. We drove up it and discovered there was a fork in the road. Sister S and I both felt impressed as to which fork we needed to take. There was another turn. We both knew which one to take again. Then we went down a long gravel road. There were several "No Trespassing" signs, but we both felt good about continuing. Sure enough, the house at the end was theirs! I am so grateful for the Spirit's guidance. We don't always know immediately where to go, but Heavenly Father will lead us each step of the way.

Sister Galloway

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