Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day


A quick tangent I need to get out: Everyone says how being a missionary prepares you for life. Well, I hope that isn't true because the things I see/deal with I really don't ever want to be in my life. I think a more accurate saying would be "Being a missionary makes you jaded so that whatever happens in life is no big deal after what you've seen."

For instance, here are some things that I've had to see or help people with on top of trying to help them attain eternal salvation:

-Getting calls (yes, we've had multiple) telling you a member/investigator is in jail.

-Hunting down people who don't even know they're members. In fact, one we found was even married to a Baptist Preacher.

-Relationship drama. Enough said.

-Drugs. Pills. Lots of it.

-A lot of people assume we're Social Services, if that tells you anything about this area :( And they treat us like we're Counselors or Psychologists a lot of the time.

Now here are a few highlights of my week this week:
-Our homeless investigator C upped and moved to Lexington. And then he moved back a few days later, so Sister S and I were happy about that!! We were really worried about him. Sometimes I feel like his mom. He lives in a homeless shelter that has bed bugs. He's turning his life around now (I won't go into his past too much, but it includes breaking several of the 10 commandments.) 
- Wednesday, we had Zone Meeting. We also met with H. We weren't planning on seeing her, but we were glad we did because she had had a really rough week and needed it that night. Her mom hasn't been too happy with the fact that she's meeting with missionaries, so we got her mom's address and decided to tract into her when we went to Barbourville. We weren't quite sure how to approach her without her being suspicious, so we said a prayer to ask for help. Immediately after the prayer, I felt like we needed to talk to this boy across the street. We contacted him, and asked him for referrals. He said his Ma-maw read the bible a lot and might be interested. We asked him what her name was and it was H's mom :D So, we knocked and she let us right in. She had a lot of questions, but was surprisingly open and even has a sister who is Mormon! We're really excited to teach her this next week. 

- Sunday, E was confirmed and K (our Native American investigator) had his baptismal interview.  I think that he is the most ecliptic person I have ever met. He's a blast to teach and is very excited to be baptized! I'll include a picture of us and him.  
Starbright wearing K's fishing hat that has feathers on it.

I'm 5 lbs lighter than when I left... how did that happen? 
Thanks for the package!!! :) And the CD's especially!! :D Loved the Primary Colors one and also Eclipse. I think the thing that's toughest about music is there's basically only one style of church music, so it's nice to have somewhat of a variety. Maybe look up Piano Guys or something ukelay-lee? (I spelt that phonetically because I have no brain power to figure it out right now.) And the food you sent was yummy. I miss eating your food!

Oh, speaking of which: Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's. Tell P and Dad to try it if they haven't already. It's great. Also, I FINALLY had a vanilla frosty for the first time. And really liked it!! H's taste in food is really simple, but I'm giving her some more credit now between the vanilla Frosty's and almond milk.

Today we're going up to McKee to hang around at the B's (Sr. Missionary Couple) house. We're supposed to go to Natural Bridge, but it's probably too rainy and cold for that. But anyway, being a missionary is great because you do get to experience a lot and have the privilege of being led by the Spirit. I love that guy.

Sister Galloway

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