Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Book of Mormon is so cool!

This week we got to teach a couple with 5 children, the B's, who referred themselves on mormon.org. They are so great!! They had practically 200 questions about the chapter (Mosiah 4) we'd left them. We taught them Lesson two and three because of all the questions!! I want them to progress SO BADLY, to the point it stresses me out a little. They're great. I think, if I could choose just one really big miracle on my mission, I'd want them to be baptized! Did I mention they have five kids??!! And they want more??!!!! WHY ARE THEY NOT MORMON??????? That's like probably at least 4 missionaries and 103,304,394 B grandchildren.  I think it's neat to see how investigators get such different things out of the Book of Mormon than we sometimes do as life-long members. Since teaching them, I've made more of an effort to come at my study from an 'investigator perspective" and have gained a lot from that!

Fried Liver, anyone??
Also, I've been kind of surprised at how many simple truths many Christians just don't know.
 Here are a few examples:
-That we're not just God's creations; we are his children.
-That he has a body of flesh and bone.
-That we were present in the war in heaven.
-Spirit children=angels
Just to torture my mom who hates rodents!

 ZONE CONFERENCE! It's this Friday and will be the last time we see the W's (our mission president & wife)!! I am SO sad that they won't be here. :(  I like having President W and will miss him a lot! He is so adorable. It's funny--I don't know if you've heard him talk, but he has a super distinct voice that the missionaries imitate to each other. "Love ya, appreciate ya!" So it's sad to think about some things/traditions that might change. I feel blessed to be here serving under his direction. 

 We're going to lunch with the Hermana's today. I'm going to learn how to contact in spanish! #lasgringas
This week was a little slower than we would've liked.  I guess we're going through what Elder D calls the "after baptism blues." We don't have any seriously progressing investigators. :(
Me and Sister B's selfie--helmet head style.
We did a lot of finding and contacted a TON of referrals we receive from the Hermana's. Unfortunately, many of them weren't too interested.  I don't think we could really be doing much worse right now if we were TRYING to be terrible. The numbers we had this last week were the lowest on my mission so far. Ugghhh. But, life goes on and it's a new week.  
Anjother dead animal. This caught our attention because 1 wing was flapping in the wind.

What I love about being a missionary is that there are always miracles, big or small, everyday. I know that Heavenly Father loves each of his children, and that his hand is always in our life if we just take the time to look for it!! (Sister H served cheesecake at a cottage meeting this week. See this post for significance of that!)
Sister  Galloway

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