Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer, Summer, Summertime!!

This week has gone by quickly! Saturday we got transfer calls and Sister B is leaving. Tuesday I'll be getting a new companion here in J-town! ) Please pray I get a good companion. I've never had a bad one, but that also makes me feel like I might be pushing my luck. I have been able to learn something from each of my companions and I am so grateful for the time to serve with each of them. 
Sister B taught me how to ride public transportation and other important lessons. I went into my mission terrified of Public Transportation.

We also were blessed Sunday because one of our investigators who normally works on Sundays, randomly got a day off and decided to come to church!! So seeing her there was a definite blessing!

J, who had a baptism date, unfortunately didn't come to church :( He wasn't sure if he felt ready or if he even should come to our church, so we invited him to pray about it last week. He did, and drove half way there, but then didn't go through with it and went home. But, it was a very big step for him nonetheless and we can see how the spirit is slowly, steadily working on him as he reads and prays everyday. He is a really awesome guy, though.

A beautiful sunset in Kentucky!

Awkward missionary moment: When your comp's former companion comes running up to you at a fireside yelling, "I"M PREGNANT!! I"M PREGNANT!!!!" She had to let us know that she's going to be training next transfer. hahahahaha!!!

My district

Oh! And, something that's been happening recently, is that whenever I verbalize, or pray for something specific, Heavenly Father TOTALLY makes it happen. Cheesecake was the first example, but I've also in the past week or two asked for:

1.) a water bottle. Then this stranger offered us both bottled water as we were biking, within 30 minutes of me telling Heavenly Father I was thirsty.
2.) I didn't pray for this, but I told Sister B how good a Gatorade sounded one day. The next night we were at some member's house for dinner and they gave us each one.

3.) The dress you sent. Definitely a blessing from Heavenly Father! It's soooo funny because I was JUST telling Sis B about how much I love my knit, dark purple dress at home. And then I got the new one in the mail!! {Several weeks ago, Ashlyn mentioned that she would like a new dress for the summertime, one that was knit fabric and comfortable. She said it wasn't a necessity and just if I saw one that would work, it would be nice to have. Heavenly Father is a God of miracles because I happened to find one for in her favorite color.}
4) I told you I would pray for AM and G. And now I hear that I have a new baby (GIRL!!!) cousin, as of early this morning!! Another answer to prayer. 
It's just funny -little seeming "coincidences" that Heavenly Father makes them work. I've really come to see how true the last few verses in 3 Nephi 13 are. haha!
Sister B and myself...hanging out.

We taught the B's this week. (The family who referred themselves on It went pretty well. They still have many, many questions that I don't know how to answer correctly. I can give them answers, but I don't always know what the best way to answer them. So please pray that we will be able to resolve their concerns, they will be able to recognize the Spirit, see how the BofM and Bible works together and that, finally, they will know that the BofM is true.
  I literally think I've read every article in the Ensign from the past 5 years.)

I got asked out by a 35  year old. And he was  mad when I said no. Hahaha!!! But, I think his friend really respected who we are, as missionaries. He wants to take the lessons from us! I think he's sincere. We will take a member with us, though.
The planner cover I made! Aka... my only creative outlet! :p Yay, for only using conference Ensigns from the dinosaur age. haha!

L (aka our "go to" member who we adore, who also is a  convert of 1.5 years & who loves every missionary ever ) wanted to have us and the Elders over before Sister B & Elder F got transferred, but the only night we had open was tonight, when the Elders were going over. It is against the rules to eat together with the Elders. BUT, we called President W (which, is always kind of an adrenaline rush because it's intimidating) and asked if we could go. He said yes! Acutally, he said, "My son always says 'responsibility brings privilege.' " #fistpump #hethinksimresponsible #omgosh
Kentucky is so beautiful and green.
I could be in an ad for an allergy commercial!

I think consistent, sincere, personal prayer and scripture study is one aspect of the Gospel that I've really strengthened my testimony on. It makes such a clear, obvious difference in investigator's lives and progression. I've also seen how even taking the effort to make each of my prayers a little more sincere and my study a little more seriously makes a big difference in how I feel each day and how The Lord is able to bless me as a missionary.
I hope you all have a great week!!!
Sister Galloway

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