Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Monday!

This week, once again, was full of many finding activities! We are having a hard time getting progressing investigators, but have seen some definite miracles! :) 
My mom is out of school now and has time to do project likes this. I call it the  "Ashlyn Shrine."
One of those miracles, was with our investigator J. We have been trying sooo hard to get him to come to church and to set a baptismal date. Finding him a few weeks ago was nothing short of a miracle -we had just a few extra minutes before we had to go home and we were in a part of town we normally weren't in. We decided to knock doors. We knocked on only 3 doors in a middle section of houses and one of those was his! He has had some tough stuff to deal with lately and I know we were led to him for a special reason. This week we met with him and as we taught, we were prompted to extend a baptismal date to him -again! But this time, he accepted!! Which was a big blessing. The spirit has been able to soften his heart because he has been so diligent in reading The Book of Mormon. It truly is the word of God.

This week we also had Zone Conference. It was our last one with President and Sister W -we will be getting our new mission president (President B) in just a few more weeks! All of the trainings were on The Book of Mormon and I felt the Spirit confirm it's truthfulness to me very strongly. I know it is a special gift that Heavenly Father has given us in this day, to help us in our lives. I really felt the Spirit very strongly at this Zone Conference with some of the training activities we did. It was very powerful and I bawled my eyes out. 

Today we went to the Louisville Zoo with some members and the Beckly Sister Missionaries. It was a nice change of pace for P-day.

Louisville Zoo P-Day. Photo by a sweet member that took us.
 I've heard quite a bit about "California Chrome!" And "Secretariat," who's pretty much a legend. 

California Chrome won the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes this year. He lost the Triple Crown at the Preakness this year.

 "You guys can't go to horse races right? Bummer, because I can get free tickets anytime I want. Box seats." --Our ward mission leader at the last meeting. #Idon'tevenlikehavingfun

Secretariat was the last horse to win the Triple Crown in 1976.

By the way, missionaries use hashtags quite a bit, which is funny  because we're missionaries. Ha! #stickittoher #Liz #woesofateenagelife  

{My mom told  me that my sister, P, really, really hates it when people use hashtags.}

I am also including a testimony that K, the man we taught and baptized (in May), wrote down for us. His picture is here.

"To make a long story short, I have been battling drug and alcohol addiction for years. My life had gotten to a place where I had nothing left in me. I felt hopeless and didn't know where or what to do about it. When I heard a knock on the door, I opened the door and there were 2 ladies standing there. They introduced themselves as Mormon Missionaries and they asked how I was. I think I said I was good or fine and that wasn't true. The truth was that I was a mess. We talked, no I mean they talked, and I listened. I couldn't tell you a thing they said, but I felt something as they spoke and that still little voice in me said, "They can help you." But how I didn't have a clue. They asked if they could come back and as they  continued to come, I was doing everything they asked me to do, reading the Book of Mormon, praying and going to Church. I felt peace and comfort and without ever realizing it, God had taken away any desire to use drugs and alcohol. Then God took away my cigarette addiction. I am so grateful for how God as changed my life and the Church of Latter Day Saints. God lives and loves all of us. That Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for our sins and the Holy Ghost is real and Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen."

This is what makes Missionary Work worth it!!

Another Zoo Picture:

Quote of the week:
"I'm talking to the youngly girls of Mormon" -an investigator talking on the phone to his mom.

 From Mandy: 
Picture taken on our Canada Trip in 2012

It's National Best Friend Day, so shout out to my beautiful, blue-eyed best friend, sister,  and number one girl in my life! We haven't seen each other in almost a year and are almost 2,000 miles apart, but that doesn't stop our friendship from growing. I love you Ashlyn, and I can't wait for the day you come home! ♥


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