Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A miracle, TWO baptisms and my thoughts on feeling the Spirit

Hello Friends & Family,

This week feels like it's been pretty jam packed. It seems to have just flown by!

​ So far on my mission, I've felt a lot of very potent emotions. And also the Spirit in different ways than I have before. Like, we always talk about the Spirit as a "feeling," but a lot of times, it's come to me as this sudden clarity. For instance, a gospel principal will instantly "click" or I'll KNOW suddenly where to go or what to teach someone. Also, I think sometimes the Spirit feels like the sunshine. You know when you are just sitting there and are basking in warm sunshine? Sometimes that's how the spirit has felt in lessons. But also, I've felt a wider depth and variety of feelings and emotions as a missionary. Sometimes being a missionary is hard. And it's a sad job. I'm glad that I'll never have to be a Bishop, Stake President, or an Apostle. You definitely feel joy and happiness very strongly, but in order to really appreciate and feel that happiness, you have to feel the opposite side of the spectrum.
Tuesday was the day C​ went to meet with his probation officer. We were pretty nervous about it because he had a few hundred dollar fine to pay in order to get off probation and be baptized. BUT, ​the Lord provided! He went in and there was no fine! ​H​eavenly Father just erased it all - we couldn't believe it!!
Wednesday we went on splits with the ward missionaries. We were stressing because we didn't have another appointment for me and Sister W to go to, but one of our newer investigators we'd only taught once was able to meet. It turned out to be quite the interesting lesson. Her husband, a Baptist seminary student, also joined in this time. It was not a good time to be companion-less! ​Regardless, ​it was really neat​.​ Even though it was probably one of the times I've felt the most humble and overwhelmed on my mission, I also felt the Holy Ghost guiding me and prompting me with scriptures and in bearing my testimony. I'm not sure if they got much from the lesson, but as I recited the first vision, I felt the spirit very strongly, and it strengthened my testimony of the reality of the restoration. After we walked out of sight of R and D's apartment, Sister W just gave me a big hug.  It was so insane. I'm a weak, unlearned 19 year old, who doesn't have much to offer, but I do know that I have been called by a living prophet to share truth and invite others to make sacred covenants with God. The Gospel is true and it changes our natures.
Thursday we went on an exchange with the Sister training leaders and then had K ​and C's​ baptismal interviews.
​ ​
Saturday was the baptism!! There were a lot of ward members who attended and even some of their non-member family members! President W even came which was cool! It was very neat to hear them both bear their testimony's afterwards​.​The ​Spirit was very strong. After the service ended, we were talking to them and asked them to describe how they felt in 3 words. K said "Peace, Love, Happiness​.​" And C said "O M G​.The ​Atonement has changed both of their hearts so completely​. I feel privileged to have been here at this time to see them accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ​.
​ ​
It was a good day!​
C and us!

Sometimes K will text us and say things like "I feel God's love today." He is very sensitive to the Spirit! 

​I had a great week!!
Sister Ashlyn Galloway

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