Sunday, May 11, 2014

The power of the Atonement


This week has definitely been a good one! I feel like the past 2 weeks my companion and I have really started getting things figured out. It's definitely been different moving to a new area, but it's been a good learning experience for me! I think missionary work is something that you can never completely "figure out" Kind of like all the people in the scriptures who built boats (Noah, Nephi. bro of Jared). They all did it different ways, the trick was just finding out how the Lord wanted them to work, and when. Noah was told right from the beginning how exactly to build the ark, but it took 120 years. Nephi was told step by step what to do, precept upon precept. And the Brother of Jared was told to simply "build them like you built them before". Then, when he went to The Lord with a problem, he was told to figure out a solution himself then take it back to The Lord. It kind of reminds me of Elder Bednar's "discourses on light" (especially the third one) that are on We all receive revelation differently, depending on the person and on the situation (for instance, Moses didn't have time to build a boat and The Lord knew that, so he let him simply split the sea!). I think missionary work is similar. there are basic, overarching principals and tools, but there also are a wide variety of missions, missionaries, and investigators, so The Lord gives us specific revelation based on our needs and abilities. And based on what we need to learn as individuals as well. I've definitely learned a lot about receiving revelation as a missionary. it is impossible to do missionary work without it, and it's amazing to see how the Lord is so ready and willing to give it!

This week we did a LOT of biking. Sister B and I are definitely feeling it. We've had a few 25 mile days. It's been pretty rainy here, too. Last night we were out tracting and it suddenly started POURING! Thankfully, it was time to go in anyway, but we were soaking by the time we got home! It was cool last night and even this morning, to hear the rain and thunder.

Kentucky is so beautiful. I can't even stand it. The weather (minus the rain!) has been sooo nice.

This week we taught K and he is doing SO great!!! He quit smoking cold-turkey and is now living the word of wisdom 100%!!! It's amazing to see how much the Atonement has changed him in just a month. He says he no longer has any desire to do any of the bad things that he was struggling with. Literally, a month ago we were sitting on the stairs outside his apartment with him, trying to convince him not to drop us, and that he COULD overcome his challenges, and not be defined by the past. It's powerful to see how completely and how quickly the Atonement has changed him. He was bearing his testimony to a less-active who is struggling with smoking and it was so perfect for him. I am SO excited for him to finally be able to get baptized :)
C is also doing very well. We re-set his baptismal date, and it's pretty solid :) He also bore an awesome testimony in gospel principals on Sunday!!!

Funny story, we were over at Brother M's home (our ward mission leader) for coordination with the Elders and his little daughter called us the "mom missionaries" and the Elders the "dad missionaries". Then Bro. M asked which she liked better and she pointed to the "Dad missionaries". Mom's are always the bad guys, I guess! haha.
Well, I hope that everyone has a GREAT week!!!! :)
Sister Galloway

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