Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Bee Sting or a Bike Wreck?" I chose....

This week was very busy!! We had interviews with President W on Wednesday, then Zone meeting on Friday. We have to catch the bus early, so our district/other meetings take up most of the day when we have them. But, despite the lost time we had, we still got a lot of good work done and learned some good things!
Monday was very wet and rainy! We had 2 set appointments, but both of them fell through. We ended up tracting that night, and it ended up working out well, because we found a new investigator, and a super great potential, who just happened to be out at the right moment as we were getting ready to leave to go home. Sister B got TWO more flat tires this week, but we finally got it figured out!!! And speaking of bikes, I got in my first crash this week! I was riding through a (thankfully empty) parking lot, and a bee flew into my shirt! So, I ended up spazzing out and crashing. But, on the plus side, I didn't get stung!

I definitely would take a bike wreck over a bee sting.

We also taught K this week. He is doing SO well and is truly being changed by the Atonement. It amazes me how spiritually sensitive he is. He recognizes so easily when the spirit is/isn't in his life. Because of that, he is incredibly diligent with personal prayer and Book of Mormon reading. He has some pretty bad addictions he has had for awhile, but the past few weeks he has made incredible progress. I think it's really amazing how we, as 19/20 year olds, begin teaching these complete strangers the gospel and then expect them in a relatively short time, to completely change their life and be baptized. The fact that people do change, and that the work moves forward, is a huge testimony to me of the power of the Atonement and the reality of the Gospel.

This week we also had a training by the AP's. It was on getting investigators to church. As a part of the training, we  all went on a Church tour together, which we sometimes do with investigators. We just walked around the chruch, looked at the paintings, and were occasionally asked a question. It was amazing to me how strong the Spirit was. I think sometimes we forget how sacred our church buildings really are because we go there so often.
We also had a really great training Friday about setting goals, and then taking it to The Lord and letting  him know what we will do specifically, and then asking him for specific hep.

Last week, President let our zone go to Thunder over Louisville, which is one of the biggest firework shows in the nation and the opening to the Kentucky Derby, so that was fun!! I "almost" felt like a celebrity because so many people noticed us and said hi. 

Ash with other Sisters @ Thunder over Louisville.

I've ruined 3 different article of clothing due to splattering from my bike. Booo.. But, I wouldn't want to be in a car even if I could! I love my bike.

The members here in J-town -well, a lot of them at least- are transplants form Utah, so there's a lot more classic "Mormon culture."  Two members gave us Easter baskets, which was suuuper sweet of them. But it also means that I've had candy, for breakfast the past two days.

Being on a mission is, in no wise easy for me, but the longer I am out, the more I realize how desperately I, personally, need this. Being on a mission puts everything under a magnifying glass. The highs are really high and the lows can be very low. But I've also been able to see my specific strengths and even more especially, my weaknesses. Without my mission, I wouldn't have been given the opportunity to prune myself  a bit. I am really grateful for that.

I hope everyone had a great easter!!!
Sister Galloway

P. S. ​ Today is my 8 month mark!!! Whaaa​t?!!!!!​

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