Monday, April 14, 2014

3 flat tires & a Sunburn

This has been a good week. Poor Sister B has really bad allergies, so all week she hasn't really been able to talk... She just kind of a squeaks or has a breathy whisper. AND she got three, yes, THREE flat tires this week!!! So this week was kind of a trying one for us. Being on a bike is a lot less efficient than I would've expected. And so is public transportation. Although I do like riding the bus, minus having to wait sometimes. I "might" have a major stress attack when I get a new companion in this area, all because of public transportation. Yikes!!

Saturday was a very sunny day-which I was super excited about being from Arizona- BUT I got burnt pretty badly!! Thankfully, my dorky helmet kept my face from being burnt too bad. My arms are badly sunburned. A family in the ward gave us some aloe gel. I have a nice "sister missionary shoe" tanline on my feet now.
And I worry about me being on a bike too. But, I do find a LOT of comfort in the fact that when I was set apart as Missionary, it specifically blessed me with safety, and the ability to be alert and aware as I was out walking, in a car, bike, or on public transportation. There were a few times in Corbin that I know Heavenly Father was specifically watching out for me and my companions. For instance, this one time Sister J almost got hit by a car, but for some reason I turned my head at the right second and was able to tell her. (Ok, it was more of a panicked gasp/stutter.) Or once Sister E almost hit a tree, but again, for some reason I turned my head at the right second. In her defense, it was a dark night in the middle of the country and we were trying to find our lost phone.  So I definitely have seen a lot of tender mercies in being kept safe. You know me and you know that I simply don't notice -let alone prevent- things like that usually. 

We have to bike up this hill almost every day!

One of the struggles we had this week is finding people to teach. Oh, and fun fact about me, in case you didn't know, I have difficulty making conversation with strangers, especially when they reply this way to you:

Me: Well, it's great to meet you! How has having a faith in Christ blessed your family?
Man: I'm Catholic.
Me: That's cool! So how has Christ blessed your family?
Man: Well, we're Catholic.
Me: Ok, neat, so how have you seen that help your family come closer together?
Man: We go to Mass.

Or this:
Me: "hello ma'am!!!"
lady: *holds up hand and doesn't make eye contact* "Not interested"

People in Louisville aren't quite as friendly as people in Corbin. But I've heard people in Indiana are even less friendly, so I guess I should be grateful. Sorry, that's my rant of today. So, moral of the story, it's been hard to find people to teach this week. Please pray for us!

But, Sister B and I are organizing the area. We got a new ward roster to color code, write notes on, and the area numbers on. It's sooo satisfying. :) :)

We have a ton of meetings this week! Interviews on Wednesday and a coordination meeting that night. Our zone meeting is Thursday. I like our district though. And the Elders in our ward are pretty solid elders. Well, Elder F is a crazy/fun kind of person actually. But it's fun! haha. And, we have 2 Sisters in our district. There's an Elder in our district, Elder D, who reminds me of T. Hill. (He is one of Ash's friends from high school.) Mostly because he has similar glasses, loves cars, watches and classy stuff. 

My clothes got splattered this week from my bike. It was all over me, front and back. 

And I am SO excited for the Easter package!!! :D Y'all are the B E S T!!! But I don't really need anything.

I love you!!!!!!!!

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