Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Temple, Roadkill, & Cheesecake

Since this week was Memorial Day, our p-day got moved to Wednesday because a) the library here actually does observe national holidays, unlike the Corbin library!! haha!!  b.) WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE TODAY!! :) It was SO wonderful and so very needed. I think Heavenly Father knew I needed it too. Going to the temple is a nice soul-cleanser. You collect a lot of dust and dirt from everyday life and going to the temple just washes it away. I also remembered more than I thought I would so that was nice! I got a lot out of the session today. I wish I could go more.
Me and Sister B at the temple.
Our week was good. We also did a lot of finding, saw many miracles and tender mercies! During planning, we were talking about some members who we really wanted to get involved and other things we needed/wanted. So, we not only set a goal for the number of people we wanted to find, but the types of investigators we wanted to find. Such as, ones with cars, a teenager, and ones that we could bring specific members to. Heavenly Father TOTALLY answered our prayer! As we looked, not only for general people who were prepared for the gospel, but also specific types of investigators, Heavenly Father put them in our path. A few months ago I heard Elder Rasband speak and he said "The Holy Ghost likes lists" and I definitely know that's true!
We got this AWESOME referral from from this family with 5 young kids! We are also teaching a man from Liberia and another man from Pakistan/South America. So, hopefully this next week they and some of our other investigators will begin to progress!!
A baby robin that a member rescued. No, I did not touch it!!
Another blessing this week is that two of our current investigators, G and J, felt the Spirit! We have been trying SO HARD to get them both to church, but haven't been successful. Sometimes it's kind of frustrating to remember that this is the Lord's work and not mine and that it all moves in His perfect time. They both had (and recognized!) spiritual experiences this week though, so that was a big blessing.

This is my cousin Laurie's twin. Seriously, they look identical. Actually, her name is Hermana C.

I also am getting an up close and personal look at roadkill here in Kentucky. I NEVER knew how much roadkill there was.
Roadkill beaver. This picture doesn't do justice to the smell or all the flies!
A phrase that I"ve heard, that I've really come to appreciate on my mission, is "God is in the details of our lives". It is SO true. It's amazing that he is so aware of us and blesses us so much. Earlier this week, I was a little frustrated. So in my nightly prayers, I asked Heavenly Father for cheesecake---because, why not??! Well, sure enough a few days later we ate at a less active's house. Not only did she wants to go back to church, but, she gave us cheesecake!! So, I have a testimony that God hears our prayers, whether they're about large things like finding people to teach he Gospel to or silly little things like food. He hears us, and he cares so much about us as his children. :)
Have a great week. Do missionary work!!
I love you all,
Sister Ashlyn Galloway

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