Monday, June 16, 2014

For future reference, Liberian Food is not on my list of Favorites...

I swear, each week goes faster and faster! This week we had some cool teaching appointments and some neat blessings! 

Last Zone Conference was focused a lot on going back to the basics: Preach My Gospel and The Book of Mormon. We were challenged to get a new copy of The Book of Mormon and read it cover to cover in 120 days, and highlight every time it talks about Christ. On top of that, I decided that I needed to re-read PMG cover to cover as well and do each study activity instead of studying by topic like I have. It was neat because the day I started it, we met with a Less-active who had read Lehi's dream in The Book of Mormon. He had some of the exact same questions in a study activity in Chapter 1 that I had done that morning. It definitely emphasized to me the importance of not only teaching by the Spirit, but also studying by the Spirit. The Lord blesses us when we stay rooted in the fundamentals.

We also taught our investigator G, who hasn't shown much desire/commitment lately. We tried really hard to focus on the Spirit and on listening to him and were blessed to be able to understand one of his concerns about God. 

Saturday was an interesting day... I narrowly avoided being fed chicken feet!! Unfortunately, Sister B wasn't so lucky. We went to teach a man who immigrated from Liberia a few years ago. His less-active wife fed us some rice with this really spicy sauce stuff on top. In the sauce was a mixture of ham, shrimp, chicken feet and other things she tried explaining that I couldn't quite understand. We actually had JUST finished having a conversation with her about how she sends money to her family in Liberia for food every month. And then she fed us. All the things people say about "finish your food, there are starving children in Africa" came to mind in a whole new way!!! Yikes! So, I felt obligated to eat EVERY BITE. Yuck. And, at one point Sister B was having trouble with her chicken foot (which, in case you're wondering wasn't cut up, it looked exactly like a chicken foot!). She asked me if I wanted any and... I couldn't do it!! Companion fail. I was having enough trouble with my plate. And her daughter was sitting there, happily munching on her chicken foot, eating the BONES AND EVERYTHING!!  But she said, "you're not used to it, so you probably shouldn't eat it like my daughter." (insert extreme facial expression for me here.)  BUT, their whole family came to church on Sunday, so that was exciting! Maybe even worth eating chicken feet for. Uhh...maybe.

Okay, so what exactly does "no soliciting" infer? I've had missionaries tell me that we aren't soliciting because we are just going around trying to say prayers with people. We had this really rude guy yell at us this week. I'd like to know where the sign actually was on his door. He was not nice, at all.

Sister B and I made up a song to Taylor Swift's song  "Mean" once about people who are not so nice. Part of it goes "Someday, I'll be living with my big ol' family, and you'll be sitting on a stupid star, look at you down, so, farrrr." It's a gem!

Okay, back to the legal implications of things. What happens if your mailman doesn't come everyday?? There were two days this week that he  DIDN'T come at all!!! >:( And, a lot of times he doesn't take our mail we're trying to send. Blah. 

The only baking supplies we have in our apartment is flour and powdered sugar, so Sister B and I were thinking about making Kool-Aid with powdered sugar. Do you think it'll work?!!! Since moving out, I've learned that not everyone puts gobs of powdered sugar on their french toast. Seriously, not everyone first lets it absorb and mix into the melted butter, then puts more on top. Because obviously if there's not dry, white powdered sugar on top, you don't have enough!!  

Also, will you send me an easy recipe for the Cafe Rio dressing to go with my burritos?

Mom, could you please sabotage a certain somebody's relationship that she has right now? I really need her to be single when I get home. That would be nice. Yeah??? #awesomethanksmom. {Note from Jana: I texted this lovely person, who happens to be one of my favorite people as well,  and she said I would have to put up a fight in order to sabotage it! Hmmm....sounds like love to me.}

Well, I hope that everyone has a great week!!

Looooove you,
 Sister Ashlyn Galloway

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