Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cats, Cigarettes and Contacts

This past week has definitely had it's ups and downs! First off, I love my new companion, Sister S. We are alike--it's kind of scary! It definitely makes for a lot of laughs, which is always good. Especially in Corbin because life as a missionary is never boring -for better or worse. 
 I actually really liked the squirrel I ate last week. Yesterday, we were at the G's house and they were talking about feeding us dinner one night. The son's friend was there. Sister S. said she wanted squirrel, so they asked him if he could get some and he said, "sure, right now?" ha ha!!
Ashlyn Galloway eating squirrel or "squawk."
 This week we taught one of our investigators, T, the Word of Wisdom. We were a little nervous because she smokes a lot... as in, she sits there and smokes about 2+ cigarettes during our lessons with her. We gave her a W of W pamphlet ahead of time. We told her to read it and to pray about it. The next time we taught her, she said that after reading it, she was very much against it, but then she prayed just like we'd asked. She felt like she could do it. It's such a testimony to me that her simply praying about the principal was more powerful than what doctors, science, and others have been trying to get her to do for years.
Unfortunately, K wasn't able to keep the Word of Wisdom, so her date got dropped :( We will continue to work with her and help her to prepare for when she is ready. We also have been working at trying to contact more people each day. We were blessed to find several new investigators this week!
 On Sunday, I gave a talk in church on the Law of Obedience, which was interrupted by Elder W (serving in the London area, but in the same ward) having to catch and carry out a stray cat that had somehow sneaked into the chapel. There are a lot of strays in Corbin! I wore my favorite sweater for you, Aunt J, and Aunt J. (Note: Ashlyn, me and 3 of my sister all have a sweater that is exactly the same because we all love the style of it. Ash loves her aunts!) 

We also received some bad news Sunday night.... P is in Jail. It was heartbreaking to find out, especially since things have been going so very well with her. We just had a great lesson on the temple with her. I guess there are just some things in her past that need to be cleared up, so we will continue to help her and teach her as best we can. 
Last night I was thinking and worrying a lot about my investigators, and the trials, challenges, temptations and consequences that they have to endure. It makes me realize how much Heavenly Father must think and worry about each one of us in our individual lives. I know that everything he does is centered around us and around making us the happiest.

Sister Galloway

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