Thursday, January 2, 2014

The fastest 40 minutes EVER....aka Skype Video Chat Dec.2013

We had been looking forward to skype-ing with Sister Galloway since she left in August. Finally, Christmas arrived and we were able to see her and talk to her! It was bitter- sweet because we loved hearing her voice, but the time passed so quickly and she announced that she had "10 minutes" left before we felt like we had been able to talk much. (She said she is working on being exactly obedient.)

Ashlyn mentioned these topics in our skype video chat:
*P is their most progressing and most likely investigator to be baptized.
*She liked the gifts we sent and was surprised (I don't know why!) she even got gifts this year! Her comp. loved her stocking which I whipped up super quick, btw.
*She said it was hard to wait to open the gifts, especially the ones from Grandma because she was under less social pressure (because it was from G'ma!) to keep them wrapped up until Dec. 25th!
*Funny and yet not funny story: Someone looked her nametag and said, "Oh, Sister. Like Sister Wives?" 
*She wanted to hear about what her sisters were doing at home.
*She said the GKLM Christmas Party was great. She was very much energized and refreshed by being with other missionaries. In fact, being with other missionaries is one of her favorite things about serving a mission because she said "It's kind of like what I imagine heaven to be like. Everyone is positive and the Spirit is strong. And when missionaries talk about each other, they always describe them in terms of their talents and abilities, not by physical appearance." She said she got to see many friends & wished she had more time to talk to Sister J and Sister P, both previous companions.
*Seeing Peanut was probably a low-point for her in the conversation. She's never been a fan, but we like to include him too! She then said she had a dog on her head the night before. (Ash always seems to get herself in pretty interesting situations, somehow!)
*She said she loved her area and hoped she gets to stay there a LONG time! (She's already been there 4 months, though).

Being able to see beautiful Sister Galloway was the best Christmas present of the day!
Things we noticed about Sister Galloway:
*She has a beautiful glow about her.
*She was extremely happy and laughed a lot during our conversation.
*The very sweet, pure side of her personality was shining through her beautiful, blue eyes.

Happy sisters! 

 Saying goodbye was emotional for all of us. Five more months seems like a lifetime to wait to hear her voice again. Luckily, Sister Galloway's dad didn't want the call to end in tears, so he grabbed "creepy Santa" and Peanut and ended the call with all of us laughing at her reaction to them.

Ashlyn's Missionary Plaque on the TO2 Ward Missionary board. One of six as of this post.
{So, next time, I will take more pictures of her on Skype and record the conversation with my phone! Duh, didn't think of doing that because I was so excited just to talk to her! Thanks Laura A. for the ideas!!}

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  1. I just saw this today, and she looks so beautiful. Even from a still photo, I can see her spirit shine through. Really, we're now only 4 months away from the next Skype! Can't wait to hear the next installment from Corbin, or maybe somewhere else...?