Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Week


This week has been a good one! Although Christmas already feels like it was a long time ago! 

Sunday night, we drove to Louisville and stayed the night with 2 other companionships. The next morning we drove to the church for the Mission Christmas party! It was so refreshing to be around so many other missionaries and to catch up with friends! There was a spiritual musical program, good food (of course!) and we sang some fun carols and other fun activities.

Tuesday night (Christmas Eve), we spent with the Bishop's family and Wednesday morning, we opened presents. Thanks everyone for all the mail this month!! Then we drove to district meeting...aka, district party. The B's (Sr. Missionary Couple) made homemade crepes. We played ping pong, Apples to Apples, and had a training. Some of the Elders ate crickets and tried convincing Sister E and I to. Obviously, they don't know us very well. :) After that, we drove over to the H Family and had a Christmas dinner and then Skyped!! Forty minutes felt like 5, but it was definitely the best Christmas present of all. 

This week we also taught P, who is one of our most progressing investigators. She is doing wonderfully and has a baptismal date for January! We were very blessed because her daughter's boyfriend has been somewhat antagonistic towards The Book of Mormon. We felt like we needed to stop by one night and B was there! We were able to teach and testify about The Book of Mormon to him. He was intrigued. He said that he would read it and that he'd seen the change that has come in P. She bore her testimony about it too!
I have no idea what the guidelines are for New Years. I'd guess no proselyting after 6 pm.  The RS pres. gave us some sparking cider yesterday, so I think we'll order pizza, have some cider, and go to bed. haha!! 
Sister Galloway and her district

This week's been a good one though. We actually got a LOT of work done, considering it was Christmas! We walked for like 3 hours around town yesterday because we are almost out of miles. I hurt so badly today. :)  We were able to find 3 new investigators in that time alone, which is awesome.
Oh. And a dog peed on me yesterday. Our investigator said "here, hold this leash really quick". Two seconds later, my foot was covered in pee -_____________- But, thankfully, the car was right there and I took my tights off, leaned my foot with the wet wipes you sent me awhile back (thanks mom!). 
We also met a Satanist. He was really nice and had a good spirit about him, actually.

You know you're in the south when:
-The ten commandments are posted everywhere.

-Your investigators are too busy with going to church activities to meet with you.
-You meet a man who has issues with the fact that the church isn't racist.

Have a great week!

Sister Galloway

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