Sunday, February 8, 2015

"Why Everyone Needs To Serve a Mission"

Heavenly Father needs more missionaries!!! REALLY. Each missionary really does make a huge difference in his or her mission and in the lives of individuals. Everyone should serve a mission because YOU CAN DO SO MUCH GOOD! And if you're not in a position right now to serve, help the missionaries in YOUR area!! Help make the most of the time and resources Heavenly Father has given to your location and your friends and your neighbors! Set time out of your week to go out with them, look for missionary opportunities in your life, ask them who they're teaching & what your can do to help them. Pray specifically fo those that your missionaries are teaching. Figure out what you can do in your situation now, to help the full-time missionaries & to do your own missionary work. Also, follow the Apostles' advice and "ask the missionaries--they can help you!' Support them, help them to serve & serve more effectively. 

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