Wednesday, February 18, 2015

An Amazing Week!

Dear Family,

This past week was soo, soo amazing and also insane! Monday we got a TON of snow. It snowed even more today!! Kentucky is crippled by snowstorms, so the library was closed Monday and Tuesday. We were so bummed!! We have just a few minutes to email today. 

We have an appointment with T soon. She's getting baptized March 1st with her grandson and E. 

D and L's baptisms went great! Elder Christofferson's conference was amazing. You truly could see that he was an Apostle of God. I think I understand better the scripture "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess" because just shaking his hand you could SEE that he was an apostle. And I can't imagine how it would be to meet Christ. He was a very good speaker. The end was my favorite part. He told us that he wanted each of us to remember that we were there with him in person and that he knows. He bore a powerful testimony of Christ. At the end he gave us all an apostolic blessing and it was one of the most beautiful things I think I've ever heard. I didn't take notes or anything I was just focused on listening. Here is President B's comments on it from an email to us today:

"What a wonderful and great experience we had this week-end to hear from Elder Christofferson and Elder Soares. I hope each of you were lifted and edified as I was. I left the meeting with a renewed determination and desire to ensure I give the Lord all my heart, might, mind and strength as I serve him as his disciple, set apart as an extension of the living 
postles. I gain great strength in knowing that my family and friends will be blessed as a result of my service as a missionary and that the Lord will not hold back blessings for those I love.
 Please remember the apostolic blessing Elder Christofferson invoked upon us. He blessed us that we would find joy in our service and that we will each receive peace and a personal confirmation that the Lord is pleased with and accepts our offering of service and sacrifice. He further blessed us with protection, revelation and stated angels, which we may or may not see, will assist us in this great work. His final blessing was that we would be more capable in our missionary service. Wow! I am excited to serve as one of the Lord’s missionaries. What a great blessing it is."

​I wrote a long letter yesterday when we were stuck inside our apartment. ​I'm very, very sad at the thought of leaving my mission. I can't imagine life other than being a missionary.

Have a great week!

​Sister Ashlyn Galloway​

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