Monday, February 9, 2015

4 More P-days...


This week has been good. Monday we taught J and M. We had met J while shopping several weeks ago and finally were able to see him and his wife this past week! Getting to their house was quite the adventure (multiple narrow gravel roads, cattle guards, and dark sketchy woods that made me feel like a serial killer was going to pop out!) But they were both really nice and we are excited to teach them again today! One thing we talked about with them was how universal truth is. Many people say that there is no ultimate truth, that everyone can pick and choose the truth that is right for them. However, this isn't correct. Heavenly Father is the source of truth. He never changes and neither does the truth. PMG points out that no one can know of spiritual truth without prayer and I have absolutely found that to be correct. When we pray for truth or confirmation of the truth, our Heavenly Father will answer us and communicate with us. 

Other things that happened this week include going on an exchange in Fairdale and also helping a member move. We also taught D again. She is going through a lot right now, but is staying strong in the Gospel and already considers herself a part of the church! :) We are praying for her and for some difficult situations that she's in right now. So keep her in your prayers :)

This week we also picked up T, an investigator that has a baptismal date. He has been meeting with the Elders in our ward, but moved into our area. She is wonderful, and we are excited to help her reach her date!!

Things I learned this week:
-How to check the oil and change the oil in a car. That was exciting!!
-Contacting is NOT effective during the Superbowl. In fact, that time gave me an excellent opportunity to work on being Christlike and NOT be tempted to want to punch rude people in the face.  

ALSO, you ready for the most exciting thing ever?! Guess who's coming to speak to us on FeBrUaRy 14th?!  

It's an apostle!! Elder D. Todd Christopherson will be here to speak to the GKLM missionaries.   

Isn't that cool?! I am SO excited that I get to hear an apostle speak in person--on my mission!! This will be the best Valentine's Day of my life. Elder Soares from the presidency of the Seventy is coming to the Hurstbourne Stake Center to speak with him as well. Then, they both are speaking at Louisville Stake Conference that weekend -yay!!! :)

I have my last Zone Conference this week. It is tradition for those departing to bear their testimony at the end. So that will be very strange for me. It's weird, but I feel a little nervous for it. It's funny- I feel 100% confident with sharing my testimony to non-members,  but sharing it in Sacrament Meeting or to other missionaries is a little unnerving to me, strangely.  How do I sum up and express everything I've learned and come to know  on my mission in just a few minutes??  I'll just pray I can have the Spirit with me I guess...

We have some really amazing people we are teaching here. I am constantly inspired by their faith and determination to follow Heavenly Father. 

Sister Ashlyn Galloway

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