Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Miracles, Listening to the Spirit and Toilet Water

This week we saw a big miracle!!! We have been teaching J. H. and he has been living the word of wisdom the past few weeks. We've talked a lot with him about baptism. He said that, although he feels good about it, he needed to pray about it and receive that witness from God. We have been praying a lot for him and continuing to teach him and supporting him in living the Word of Wisdom. This week at work, he had a co-worker offer him a cigarette. Automatically, he reached out to take it. However, as soon as he touched it, it broke in half!! It's amazing how when we put forth our best efforts, how Heavenly Father will intervene on our behalf :)

I also had a neat experience that strengthened my testimony of prayer and personal revelation. We were planning for J H's lesson and had prepared a lesson on tithing. However, as we were doing our weekly planning, we knelt down to seek inspiration on what we needed to teach him. As I began praying, mid-sentence I had the very distinct impression that he needed to understand the Restoration of the Gospel more clearly and completely. I had two pages from PMG pop into my mind. As we read those pages after the prayer, we knew both why we needed to review it again, and how we should teach it. Our lesson wasn't perfect -not by far- but the Spirit was there and he had a lot of related questions that had been on his mind the past few days!! I know that Heavenly Father knows his children. He knows what they need and how to help then progress. 

Also, this Sunday we (in addition to the Elders in our branch) taught the Fifth Sunday lesson on the topic of conversion. We had planned to have certain members share their testimonies, but as we were planning, I felt impressed that we needed to ask J. H. to share his testimony. He did and he bore a powerful testimony of how The Book of Mormon has helped him to understand Jesus Christ better than anything else. He also testified of prayer and of it's vital role in him receiving his witness that the Book of Mormon is true. The spirit was very strong and THEN, he continued on to say that he had been praying about baptism and had received his answer that it was right!!!! He wants to be baptized next Sunday, the seventh!! It was a very powerful experience and I'm grateful that so many other members were there to share in that.

Sister B in KY sends my mom pictures of me whenever I see her at conferences! 

Oh! And Thanksgiving was 2 different meals with members. We had a training meeting in New Albany (by Louisville) for new missionaries and their trainers. For part of it, we were split up and Pres. B did a Q&A with the trainers. After some of the questions and concerns some of the trainers brought up, I wanted to raise my hand and brag about how awesome Sister J is! It's surprised me how easy this has actually been, comparatively. I like that we are both very real with each other and I'd say pretty equally yoked. Heaven knows that I cannot do this by myself and from day 1 have needed a "companion," not just a sidekick. Sister J is a wonderful, proactive missionary.

I saw this at the Homeless shelter we volunteer at.

I had some bike issues this week again. I had a staple in my tire tread so it had to get patched. Then it went flat again (thankfully, not too far from home) and I bought a new tube, but it was the wrong size.  Then, I took it to the church for district meeting for the Elders to do it.  They found the rest of the staple. BUT, to find the hole and patch that one, they needed a bucket of water, but they didn't have one, nor did they want to look for one, so they just stuck their hands and the tube in the toilet.....  My bike is working well now.
Responses to the generic "Happy Thanksgiving" text we sent out:
-"I will but my girl lock'd up and I am goin' to try to get her out."
-"Right at you"

Missionary life is so much more exciting than normal life! 

Sister Galloway

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