Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Dear Family,

This week has been good! Very busy, but it was nice to get lots of work done since this next week we won't have as many proselyting hours, between the Thanksgiving Holiday and an extra meeting we're going to.

This last week we had Zone Conference and went on an exchange. Zone Conference was all on planning and goal setting. Something that was discussed that I've also been studying in chapter 8 of PMG is accountability. It was really enlightening.
Sunday, Sister J and I had to teach the RS lesson on Sister Esplin's talk from conference on the sacrament. It occurred to me how the sacrament and being accountable to Heavenly Father connect. In PMG, it says that the principal of accountability doesn't just come at the end of your mission. It's the same thing with us here on earth. We know that one day we will stand before God to be held accountable. That is a pretty daunting thought!!! However, as we take the Sacrament each week, we are able to fully repent and find spiritual renewal. In essence, we are exercising the principal of accountability each week as we partake of the Sacrament and thus use Christ's Atonement to become better and to heal ourselves from sins and misdeeds. I know that the Sacrament can prepare us to stand in Heavenly Father's presence with a clear conscience. On a different scale, it allows the Atonement to work in the small and simple parts of our days and weeks.

This week had some interesting weather conditions!! Yesterday was rainy all day and  I felt like I was swimming, but on a bicycle. However, it's been a bit warmer which is a HUGE blessing!! 

The RAIN!!

I got a flu shot today because, as President B put it, "the First presidency has ENCOURAGED you all to get flu shots." Just like they ENCOURAGE us to go to church, keep the Word of wisdom, and ENCOURAGE us to pay our tithing." :( Ugh. So, needless to say, I went -kicking and screaming-to  get that today. (Okay It wasn't bad at all, but I'm still going to heavily complain about it.) My arm's sore.

JH is doing awesome. He hasn't smoked in a couple of days. We talked to him about what day he should be baptized. He doesn't think he'll be ready by Dec. 7th. He is just unsure of himself. It warms my heart because he is the same age as K (a man I taught in Jeffersontown) and he is also working to overcome a cigarette addiction. He also spent some time in jail as a young adult. It's so neat to meet people at certain stages of their life and see how all the events, trial and mistakes have, through the power of the Atonement, culminated into their being ready to receive the Gospel. It's amazing to think about who they were vs. who they are now. I feel so fortunate to have been able to teach them. This is God's work and it's a privilege that He allows us to be a part of Him "bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." 

Being at this place in my life has helped me to recognize and appreciate many blessings that I have been given. I am so thankful that I have a warm, dry place to come home to every night. I am thankful for my companion and how good natured she is. We can laugh together about anything. I am thankful for one of our Branch members, who, when our lesson fell through AND our back up lesson fell through, still wanted to come out with us. I'm grateful for wonderful family and friends. I am very grateful for the people here in KY and for the strong faith and respect that they have for Jesus Christ. More than anything else, I am so appreciative of my Savior, who loved me enough to come to earth and carry my burdens and suffer for my sins, so that I can return to my Heavenly Father one day. I am grateful for prayer and for the many times that I have felt Heavenly Father close as I've prayed and asked for his help. I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He lives today. I will always be grateful for all that He has done for me and for the things which He continues to do for me from day to day.

Sister Ashlyn Galloway

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