Monday, September 29, 2014

Henderson: Week 2

I think if I had to give this week a title, I would call it, "The week that everything fell apart. Literally"

This week, Sister W's bike broke! It was actually a big tender mercy because we had to randomly stop by our apartment in the middle of the day at a time we are NEVER usually home at. And, right as she pulled into the parking lot her back tire stopped spinning. So, long story short, she had to borrow one of the Elder's bike, which was quite the adventure in a skirt! (The closest bike shop is in Evansville.) Also, we had an exchange the next day, so that worked out really nicely. We had interview with Pres. B last week and there is a chance my area might be closed this next transfer. There are some pretty strong reasons for it, unfortunately.  

My companion riding one of the Elder's bike in her skirt! 

Me and a few of my GKLM Sistas! 

Besides progressing investigators getting sprained ankles and a few other hitches, it was still a pretty good week!

And guess what? Heavenly Father hears prayers! I think that's one thing that I've really gained a strong testimony of on my mission. Not that I didn't believe it before, but I think the times I've felt closest to Him on my mission and some of my most treasured times have involved sincere, personal prayer. This week I was -once again- reminded of that by the Spirit. He wants to hear from us, he's our Father!! :) How neat is that?

Henderson is great and it's so beautiful. It's neat because the long side of our area is against the Ohio River, which is absolutely gorgeous.

The beautiful Ohio River! 

I also LOVED the Women's Broadcast. So good, except that Sister Missionaries can't go to the temple, so I felt like we got jipped.  Pres. Uchtdorf is the best. General Conference can't come soon enough!

Mom, I was excited to get your package! Yay, for having conference treats now! Fun Fact: I don't like alfredo! Remember?! I'm the only one in the family who doesn't like it. I'll eat it, but just for future reference--don't send me anything with the word "Alfredo" on it!  I find it amusing that you forgot baha. #stillgetmompointsanyway

Have a great week! Pray! Watch Conference! Love y'all!

Sister Galloway

Quote of the Week:

Us:"Okay, so what do you have to do to be baptized??"
Investigator: "You have to pray.  And read the Book of Mormon every fifteen minutes."

Uhh.. yeah, We'll go with that! haha.

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