Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Conference Weekend!

Hello Family!

Literally, it was just one of those weeks where you almost just have to laugh and wonder what else could possibly go wrong! I named this week "The week that everything fell apart: Part 2."

 Here are a few examples:
-Within the first 18 minutes of Monday night after Pday: our appointment canceled because he had hurt his ankle (2nd investigator within THREE days to hurt his ankle!)

-Also, the first person I talked to that night was super rude. He interrupted me by yelling "I HAVE A TASER!!" It was kind of funny. From now on, whenever something bad happens I can say "Well, at least I didn't get tased." (Don't freak out, Mom. It's totally fine. The Spirit told me I was totally safe when he said that! :))

-New mission rules that made us adjust to get to district meeting. It almost meant not being able to go anymore.

-Many of our Less Active friends didn't care for us so much this week.

We got this note this week.

-Up until Thursday, we only had ONE new investigator and she called and dropped us.

-25% of the members in our area moved. (That is 1 family out of the 4.)

-Elder Klabingat told me to start eating healthier in General Conference. Sister W and I were not happy about that. Ha ha! We kept reverting to the General Women's meeting when Pres. Uchtdorf told us Heavenly Father didn't care what our dress size was!! ♥♥ {Ashlyn's lost weight on her mission, so not sure what her worry is!} 

But the good thing is that missions change us. It's kind of like the scientific principle "adapt or die." But, it's good :) As a missionary, work has been the solution, at least for me. I remember in Corbin there were times that were very hard, but through prayer and work, I felt the Atonement work in me and in my life. Sister E, one of my companions, told me that one day I would wake up happy on my mission and guess what? It happened--without me even realizing it. And I still wake up happy every morning! 

General Conference was so good. I have so many thoughts from it; I'm not sure where to begin. I loved the Mother Theresa quote Elder Holland used about statistics and love. I heard GC referred to as "the Missionary Superbowl," which is so true! Missionary subculture flourishes around Conference time and it is so great! We had several guessing games going on in our district. They included: What songs will MoTab sing?  Which Apostle will address gay marriage? Who will conduct each session?  

I love my mission. It has been very hard, but I would not give up the last 13+ months for anything. There is joy in sacrificing to God. My mission is so precious to me. I would not give it up for anything in the world. Nothing. This is my life now. I don't love my family, friends, the temple or anything else any less than I did 13 months ago, but all the times I thought my heart was breaking & that I was sacrificing those things and relationships with people I love, Heavenly Father was actually expanding my heart and filling it with so much more love and joy than I ever felt before. If I had a million words, I could not describe it accurately enough. Just know that my mission has been more than worth it for me. I love Heavenly Father so much. Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ, are my personal friends.  

This is what we found in the Elder's car when we borrowed it today to run our P-day errands.

With our limited time & resources, we returned the car with a few changes!
(We added "future Sister" to the nametag!) 

Have a great week. I love you all very much! 
Sister Galloway

PS: I just watched David Archuleta's  music video, "Glorious!!"  Wow!!!

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