Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Fall, Y'all!!


This week fall is in full swing and I love seeing the different colored leaves everywhere! It's getting cooler too.

Monday turned out a little unexpected! We were getting ready to leave for an appointment and we got a text that there was a tornado warning. Then, tornado sirens started going off! Of course, with both of us being from out west & both from dry, desert areas, Sister W and I didn't know what to do! So, long story short we just chilled in the bathroom for a bit. There were also some severe thunderstorm warnings. We decided going out on our bikes was pushing our luck. So that was an interesting day.

Waiting out the tornado sirens in the bathroom.

This week we taught a new investigator K. He had committed to church this Sunday, but sadly didn't make it. Another investigator we have is R. He is funny. He's Catholic and always emphasizes that to us, but he is so sweet and really needs a big change in his life right now. He is reading the BOM and promised to come to church this next Sunday!

We also have been trying to help out some specific less-active sisters in the branch. We have been working with the RS president and it's neat to see how much progress has already been made. I know that there is no way we could have done that as missionaries alone. Members and missionaries working together really is vital to the success of the work of salvation. When we were meeting with the RS president, there was just such a good feeling in the room. That experience and the progress we've seen already has strengthened my testimony that this is all one work and we all -full time missionaries, ward councils, and members- need to also be unified and help Heavenly Father "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life" of his children whether they're in or out of the church, living or dead.

Sister W and myself! 

 Sister W and I went tracting in the nicer areas of Henderson.  Definitely, we met some great people, but not much success. I have done more tracting here in this area than my other 2 areas. Last night we tracted some old, beautiful Victorian houses. And I met the nicest lady ever! But she wasn't interested. It's fun because we got to ring some sweet, vintage doorbells. Ones that are attached to an actual bell inside the door, and you twist a handle, pull, or lift something. It's really fun. I felt like I was in the Great Gatsby. Cool doorbells= Compensatory blessings?? lol! Sidenote: Of all my areas, I think you would like the town of Henderson the best. It's just a cute little place....with some very interesting people. 

Just to inform you, mom, because I forget that you don't know things. I have a pretty bad cough and the left half of my right eye is red. I don't know. It doesn't hurt--it's just red. Today is day #3 in my glasses--blech. I feel so drabby in glasses. :P  So, I've been sucking down the cough drops and using all the toilet paper on my nose/throat basically. I am bracing myself for winter on a bike.  Now, I'm glad I HAVE to wear a helmet because between biking (on ice, soon) and the flight of metal stairs to our apartment, it makes me feel a little safer! haha!

The longer I'm a Missionary, the more grateful I am to be here. I love the Gospel so much and I know that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and his Son. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Lord's Prophet today. It is truth and the Spirit will always bear witness of it if we prayerfully ask him. The truth really does set us free.

Sister Galloway

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