Monday, September 22, 2014

A New Area...


This week has been crazy!! My new area is Henderson, KY
, which is in the Evansville, Indiana district of my mission. I am at the far western edge of the mission now.
​And ​
I'm on a bike still! I am so, so excited for this new area. I'll probably be purple and frozen to my bike by the end of the winter, but I'm so excited I don't even care! :D

Henderson is like a weird mixture of my previous two areas. It's a small town and everyone is SO nice! I loved Louisville, but it's definitely a nice change.
​This is m
ore my pace
 I think. We are 
 busy though. 
​ have 
barely ha
 time to breathe
 there's so much to do here. 
e barely have time to eat. I think we planned in a meal maybe 3 times this
​ last​
 week. Thankfully
 things fall through sometimes, but it's just... crazy.
​ ​
 People here are very willing to stop and talk to 
 for the most part.

​Here's the info on my new area:

-We are in a BRANCH
 (Sis W drew me out a family tree and literally, all the ward council members
 except for 2
 are related)

-We are the only bike missionaries in our district! :(

s in our 
ard have a car and the
​ Branch​
​ members give them a lot of grief
 about it
​ ​

-We borrow the Elder
s car for like 2 hours on P
day to go do laundry
​ & ​
​.​ Below is 
a picture of what we found in their glove 

-I really like my new ap
! It has a wooden
looking floor in the main room
​ and​
 in the bedrooms.

-It has good closets <3 <3

Sister W
 is my new companion. She is from Vegas. She came out 1 transfer before me. She​
 is great and we get along very well
​. ​

A biker church.

I love Henderson!! 
here is some good 
​missionary work ​
​ on​
 in this area and I'm excited to build on it! I hope we can keep this energy and work ethic up because I feel like we're just running full force ahead
which is awesome,

​Anyway, you asked about Sister Bl's stitches. ​The mission nurse took them out before district meeting. But, she is kinda old and shaky. It seemed like she was sort of hacking at her face with scissors. So, we both agreed it probably would've been less scary for me to have done it--which says a lot. The scab had to be picked off and that was definitely the grossest part of the whole ordeal. Blech!

Anyways I'd better run
 but I hope everyone has a great week!

The church is true!!! :)

-Sister Galloway

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