Friday, September 19, 2014


Well, it looks like today is my last day serving in J-town! We got transfer calls Saturday and I'm leaving!! :( It's definitely bittersweet. I'm trying to shove all my stuff  (plus my new painting, see below) in my suitcases! Dad would be appalled.
Me & Sister Bl
This week seemed to fly by faster than most! C was sick so we didn't get to teach him, but he came to church which was good. We also got in contact with some recent converts/less actives we hadn't seen in a bit. And did some tracting.
Last picture of me in the Hurstborn District
Sisters on the bus! You can see Sister Bl's bandaid on her chin that is covering her 9 stitches from last week's bike accident. Poor Sister Bl!!
Also, funny story of the week, I got a painting in the mail!! Back in Corbin, our Native American recent convert decided that he was going to do a little doodle for each missionary in the ward of the Indian name he had given us. He named me "Starbright." Then, said he actually wanted to get some paint to paint it. Several weeks ago he sent me a letter that said he was almost done and that I'd have to use a screwdriver to get to it!! So, below is a picture of the painting that I got this week! :) 
My original "Starbright" painting from my friend K, in Corbin.

 I wish I had some sweet prank to pull with all these packing peanuts.
This week something I've been studying has been Chapter 6 of PMG. When Elder Cardon was here, his wife talked on unity
and how we can apply christlike attributes to our relationships with others. It's really neat to see how you can take attributes such as faith, knowledge, patience, diligence ect and apply them to your relationships with those you associate with or your family or companion! It's neat, because I've tried to develop different christlike attributes on my mission, but as I've tried this week to apply them by putting each attribute in context of how I can use that attribute to benefit others, I've learned so much more about it. I know that striving to become like Christ is not just an internal, personal thing. It necessitates looking outside of yourself and serving and trying to help others. Because that's exactly who Christ was! 
I saw this place on Bardstown Road. Interesting name!

The little box of goodies my dad sent me this week--it had mini-sized pens, chocolate & money in it!
Sister S (my comp in Corbin) is  going home this week. She was in the 1st big wave of Sisters that came to the GKLM. She is awesome & I love her!

 Pray president doesn't put me on a bike for these next few winter months!! ;) I think I COULD do it, I just also will probably complain a lot and possibly die :) BUT, I got super nervous the other day because what if for some crazy reason I have to drive home from transfer meeting?! I've been mentally reviewing which way you turn the wheel when backing all this week, in case I'm the designated driver in my next area! (That is not an alchohol reference.) Or WORSE, if I have to drive home from transfer meeting in a car I've never driven, to a place I've never been! Which, granted, is higly unlikely, but I went through the entire terrible, mental scenario of having to back out of that busy parking lot surrounded by people I know.  I really do want to drive though. Which do you think would be a worse hazard?? Me biking in the winter or driving??!! :D

 Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Galloway
PS: Happy Birthday Mom!

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