Monday, August 11, 2014

ThiS WeeK's NUmBers...

2- Hurt fingers
{Sis Bl and I were biking home one night after 9, from a lesson, on these narrow sidewalks and I rammed my hand into a garbage can. And then, 30 seconds later, Sister Bl also rammed her hand into the same garbage can. Here in Louisville they make sidewalks about 3 inches wide and then put lamp posts on the sidewalks On top of that, the people put their garbage cans out on them.  The worst part is, I told our District Leader that we needed a car because I had hurt my pinky and we didn't even get a car. How rude. I just can't believe it! ha ha! But for reals, it's really not bad. Not broken/sprained/torn off or anything. So don't worry too much about me.}

-a total of scars from riding bike

46 - mosquito/chigger bites on my legs!
{ We did quite a bit of service this week. I forgot to put on spray and we were cutting bushes. There were bugs everywhere.} 


1- really, really awesome new investigator!! :)
 She has a Catholic background and just moved into our area. The Hermana's referred her to us and we'll probably have to refer her to the AP's soon since she'd be in the YSA ward, but it was really great to get to meet and teach her!! Hopefully she will read and continue to progress! I love getting to see the Lord's hand in the lives of so many people. D, for instance, said the first day she moved in she met the Hermana's and took it as kind of a sign, since she was unsure of her decision to move. She said she has been looking for a church that fits her better. 

Here's a tender mercy I had last week. Saturday night, we met up with a recent convert. She wanted to meet us at a Chinese restaurant by our apt. We had already had dinner, but like Southerners do, she insisted on feeding us. So out of my heaping pile of Chinese food, I could only eat a little bit.  BUT, I took it home to eat after Fast Sunday the next day. Heavenly Father knew I'd be hungry & grumpy so he provided Chinese food for me. ♥ #foodismylovelanguage

The 44 year-old (who crushes on me)  hasn't been to church. We've run into him a few times on the street, but it's really nothing to worry about. Trust me, we would get transferred, a different apartment, or white washed super quick if there was reason to worry! So it's fine. Don't worry Mom.

 Oh!! I had a really neat experience this week. On Thursday, I was having a rough day and just thinking about some things that were concerning me. I really felt the need to kneel down and pray about it. So I did and afterwards I knelt there and just had some very specific thoughts come to my mind. First of all, I had a few scriptures from D&C come to mind about trials. And the scripture about angels bearing you up. Then, I got the impression to picture the faces of those who love me and care about me. And the thought "it will all be worth it" kept coming to mind. That really helped because something I've struggled with is talking to strangers who act like you're just wasting their time and your time. In addition, they are sometimes rude or otherwise disinterested. Later that evening, as we were  leaving an appointment on our bikes, out of nowhere really, the one memory that I really have with great-grandma Bennion came to mind. It was the story she told at Christmas about being in the depression and the $5 bill in an envelope and how it was such a tender mercy. I felt like she was watching out for me that day and probably on many other days here on my mission. 

An Elder in my District is training this transfer & asked me to do the cover of his Greenie's planner.

Oh! We also heard that on the 25-26th of Aug., Elder Cardon and his wife of the First Quorum of the Seventy are coming to the mission to do a mission tour! So that will be really really neat!! I'm stoked. We'll be going up to Indiana and will be combined with a few other zones. He'll be interviewing 12 random missionaries too. That would be kind of like getting a golden ticket!! So we're supposed to study chapter 4 of PMG this week. Maybe you, P, H and Dad could all study it too. Because you know, Elder Ballard says members should study PMG.... :) :)

Seeing how present Heavenly Father is in other's lives has helped me to see His hand clearer in my own life. The principal of prayer is one thing that I have really strengthened my testimony of a lot on my mission!! Over time, I've noticed that answers are coming quicker, more clearly and specifically. I know that when we turn to Heavenly Father with sincerity and faith, He will speak to us. 

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week!! :)
-Sister Ashlyn Galloway

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