Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Disasters & Miracles

Dear Family & Friends, 

It feels like this week has been full of lots of miracles and disasters, usually happening back to back! But, it's neat to see how Heavenly Father has it all planned out and even when things seem to go wrong, He is seeing the bigger picture. . 

You know your hair looks bad when you look more attractive with a helmet on then you would with it off. Haha!
Me & Sister K
I loved the pictures from Chad's wedding, although I would like to see more. Also, thank you for sharing the points that Elder P. made in the Sealing. That was really neat. Everyone looks so much more grown up in just a year! 

Disaster- I got my first flat tire!! And we had to take the bus to get an extra tube and then try and figure out how to fix it
Miracle- There was a bus that left just in time to get us to our next appointment that day. ALSO, We managed to fix it!! (Which, if you know me, is a big miracle :)

Dirty Work!

Disaster: between a dinner appointment, service, weekly planning, and coordination, we had NO time.
Miracle: We still hit the contacting goal that we had set for each day that week!! :)

Thursday: My year mark!!! Woo-hoo! Crazy. I still feel like a baby. We actually had an exchange that day and Sister K (Sister Training Leader) and I were planning on going to Krispy Kreme to get a do-nut shake, but we had too many awesome people that kept wanting to be taught the Gospel!! We got a quick ice cream cone instead.
Disaster: all four of our set appointments canceled!
Miracles- We contacted like CRAZY and met some amazing people. We also went to contact a mormon.org referral, M. He saw a documentary on the church and was SO excited to get a Book of Mormon. He told us that he would have it read in 2 or 3 days :o

Miracle- We were 20 minutes away from home and see this huge, black cloud moving really quickly. So, we started booking it home since we hadn't had our dinner break anyway. Right as it's starting to sprinkle, a potential investigator pulls up in her truck, and gives us a ride home! I kid you not, the second we walked inside our apartment it starts to pour. Sis Bl taught me how to make popcorn on the stove!!! And I didn't even burn it!!! :D That's a miracle.
Disaster- I stand in the tub to wash my legs/feet off because I spilled milk all over me right after we got home and the shower head is on instead of the faucet, so I got drenched anyways. haha!

Disaster: So, it turns out that Tuesday, when I fixed my tube, I did it wrong, so it popped again :(
Miracle: We happened to be really close to Bro. Marllatt's house and he happened to be home and not doing anything. He fixed my tire in like TWO MINUTES.   -_____- Guess that rules out being any sort of a mechanic, in the future. (But he did show me a more correct way to fix it, should it happen again!)
Disaster: We head out after dinner and see that just like the day before, it's going to pour. So, we walked to the bus stop and wait there in the pouring rain, looking rather pathetic!
Miracle: A sister from the Ward happens to drives up and gives us a ride to where we're going!
Disaster: The person we were going to see isn't home and we head out in the pouring rain and get drenched yet again!
Miracle: We remember that a less-active lives nearby, and against the odds, she's home! So we teach her a lesson and then she offers to drive us home and also buys us a pizza on the way home :D

Stove-top Popcorn!
Miracle- Our investigator, J, made it to the monthly Missionary Fireside (sponsored by Pres. & Sister B) and heard some really great testimonies and also go to hear Elder Cardon from the Seventy speak!! We had also asked M, a recent convert who is struggling, to drive us, so she got to hear it too. At  the Fireside, this guy bore his testimony and he had just gotten home 4 days ago from the Bulgaria Sofia mission (that's T's mission right?! T is my cousin who is reporting to the MTC in October to serve in Bulgaria). He said that 98% of the people there were professed Muslim and that those who join the church are very ostracized by their family. He also said that recently Elder Nelson from the Quorum of the Twelve was there recently and was given like 15 minutes to speak at a Muslim University to the  Muslims. He said he took the whole time doing missionary work and testifying of a loving Heavenly Father, of his Son Jesus Christ, and of the Restoration. It was a powerful testimony and made me think of T! 

Sister B (a local member) & me. She is so good about sending these to my family!
Tomorrow we are going to New Albany, Indiana to hear Elder Cardon! He's doing half the mission today and then half tomorrow. I'm super excited. We also have zone conference on Friday!  It's kinda nice because this week's supposed to be deathly hot here.

Basically, being a missionary is great because it truly is The Lord's work that you're doing. Even though most of the time I STILL feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, as long as I rely on Heavenly Father, he leads and guides me!! I feel so blessed to be a member of this church and to have the gift of the Holy Ghost, which truly does tell us all things that we need to do. And also comforts us when we feel like life is a disaster and we have no idea what we are doing!! As long as we have the companionship of the Spirit and are doing the things we're supposed to be doing, Heavenly Father takes care of us and those around us.

Sister Galloway 

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