Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm StAyiN'

This week we got transfer news, which is always nerve-racking! I found out that I'm staying here with Sister Black so we're excited about that.
My district. (I have on my sparkly shoes here!)
I feel like I never quite know what to write each Monday because there are so many different experiences--so many ups and downs that happen each day! But, I love that I get to learn and re-learn so many things! Here is a list of things I've learned this week:

1.Former mission presidents who just so happen to live in your ward make the    BEST members to go teaching with.

2. Don't do drugs- you might wake up with a "William" tatoo on your hand and     not know how/where you got it from (or who William is).

3. The country Eritrea is next to Sudan.

4. The more you humble yourself, the easier it is for the spirit to speak               through you because you are relying on God's strength rather than your           own.

Another lesson I've re-learned this week is how aware Heavenly Father is of his children. This week it was almost time to go in for the night and we were just going to do a little bit of tracting, but  the thought came to mind to visit a certain member. It didn't really make sense because the member we were thinking of has an extremely busy schedule and is rarely home, but we decided to stop by anyway. Sure enough, M was home by herself and really needed a visit right then. It was neat to see how Heavenly Father sees the needs of all his children.  It's so easy for us to feel like someone doesn't need or want our help or friendship, but as we offer it anyway, we are able to bless God's children, and help them feel his love through our actions. A lot of the time, those that seem the most difficult to love or serve need it the most and I know that Heavenly Father will help us know what those around us need, as we simply look for those opportunities. Often it takes going out of our way at least a little, but as we become less involved in our own lives and in ourselves, we are able to do more and are happier!! Like Christ says in the New Testament, when we loose our lives, we end up finding our life. Or in other words, the more we turn outwards instead of inwards, the more meaningful and happy life becomes!

So, sometimes being a missionary is crazy because there are a lot more people like M in the church than I think we realize--or at least in KY. They are so strong though. And I feel so blessed to have been raised in the church. I don't think we realize how many temptations and trials we avoid. I love being a missionary. Talking to people and helping them is a privilege. It really makes me feel like my soul and heart are enlarged each time. It's a privilege to receive the many spiritual promptings that come when you are looking to serve and lift and bless.

Elder S in my district is "dying" this week. This is a picture of his funeral.
(Dying=going home)

Yes, It's August!!! It's amazing to think about where I was last year vs. now. I mean, I'm still the same and still have the same weaknesses and things, but I have learned so very much!! I was very selfish last year, I decided. And I didn't mean to be, but I just was. I cared so much about Netflix, the internet, what was happening in the world, social life, clothes (okay fine! I still care too much about clothes...) and other things that weren't bad, but were all self-centered! I think one thing that I always want to be sure to do the rest of my life, is to turn outward. Being around so many people  both in and out of the church has made me see how easy it is to focus on yourself and your life and to get too involved in technology or whatever else. The things that really matter in life, I think, are our relationship 1) with God 2) with others. It goes along with the two great commandments, love God & love others. Especially loving others. There's power in being "anxiously engaged in a good cause."

I love you all and hope you have a WONDERFUL week!!

Eating the BEST peach ice cream ever. Thanks
Sister Manning for the birthday ice cream treat!! ♥

-Sister Ashlyn Galloway

{Sorry for the weird spacing above. It is REALLY bothering me, but it looks fine when I go in to edit it. Sigh. ??? --Jana}

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