Monday, August 18, 2014

Kentucky is the Garden of Eden!!

So, I've decided that Kentucky is probably what the Garden of Eden looked like, except with tons of bugs. And cigarette butts. Everything grows and it's gorgeous!! (Mom- maybe your flowers would stay alive?! ;) 

Happy 1 year to me on Aug.  21st!!

This week we had some really neat experiences! I feel like I mention it every email, but it never ceases to amaze me how present Heavenly Father is in our lives, and how much he blesses us. I really should stop being so shocked, but it amazes me everytime!

This week we got some really great referrals!!
One was for a woman who just happened to find a pass-along card on the ground and called the number on the back and referred herself! Another man we met, has been reading the Book of Mormon off and on for about a year and a half, ever since he happened to meet and start talking to a member while traveling! Also, next sunday there's an investigator fireside that Elder Cardon's going to be speaking, so we commited J to go, which was very exciting.

This week we also visited a recent convert, Brother S, who's started smoking again :( He has been going to the church's Addiction recovery program, but nothing has really helped him. This week we felt prompted to really talk about it with him -something we'd so far avoided addressing directly because it's a touchy subject. But, the spirit definitely lead our lesson with him and we had some ideas of how we could help and support him. So far, he hasn't smoked in four days!! :)

A carton of "Scripturettes" that we made.
(Humidity Hair-do, too!)

Also, I'm pretty sure I've handled more cigarettes on my mission than in my whole, entire life. Pretty sure I'd never even held one beforehand. But now, I can tell you all about the different brands. Alcohol too. You can tell a lot about a person by the brand of beer they're drinking. #lessonsilearnedonmymission.

 I did better at talking to strangers this week. I just have to force myself to do it because then it really does become a habit. I find myself stopping my bike and saying things. And half my brain is like "No! Stop! What are you doing?! Why are you stopping?! Don't walk all the way up to their porch!!!" and the other half of me just does it. And when I force myself to just do it, I can and I do and it's fine. And no one has sprayed me with their garden hose yet -which is a new fear that occurred to me when another Sister in our district verbalized the idea. Crap. Oh well.

Did you hear about the "Louisville Purge" thing??? They had us stay in from 7:30 pm Friday night till we left that next morning. It ended up being a little  anticlimactic, which is good. Downtown Louisville is super sketch anyways. But, Sister Black and I just got pizza before we went in and ate that and watched Legacy. It was hilarious. You know you're a missionary when you watch Legacy and laugh at the acting and the Joseph Smith character, but also end up crying. It's probably the only church film I don't have memorized yet. haha!

I know that when we trust in the promptings of the spirit and courageously follow them that Heavenly Father will lead and guide us. It doesn't matter how large or small the prompting may be. Just going the extra mile and being "anxiously engaged" truly leads to miracles :)
I hope everyone has a great week!!!! Have fun at the wedding without me. Tell Chad & Makayla congratulations.

Have a great day!!
-Sister Galloway

Quote of the week:
Sister Bl: "I remember, when I was little, my mom would sometimes pick up investigators for church."
Me: "My mom picked up a hitchhiker once."

Conversation of the Week:
Today, we're going to go get Fro-yo. This was our convo with our DL last night on the phone:
DL "Doing anything exciting for Pday?!"
Me "Yeah!! We're going to go get Frozen yogurt!!"
DL "But... can't you do that any day??"
Me "Yeah... but, it's the best idea we could come up with"
DL "Can't you go do something? Like... go to the mall or do some girl stuff??"
Me "On a bike?"
DL "Could the Beckly Sisters take you?"
Me "They have no extra miles. "
Dl "Yeah, I'm glad I'm an Elder. It must suck being a Sister."
Me "Thanks, We love you too."

But, it's okay!! You know how much I LOVE frozen yogurt!!  #Whoneedsacar

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