Monday, September 23, 2013

Favorites: Sept. 22nd Edition

This week in Corbin has flown by just like the last two. I can hardly believe that this transfer is already half way over. Sister J. and I are both worried that she'll be going to a different area... I'm not ready to be left alone! But we'll see. Life is an adventure everyday!
On that note, here are a few "favorites" of the week:

Favorite tender mercy: 
We had set a goal to get 20 contacts on Saturday, but had spent all morning out in Williamsburg (much smaller and spread out than Corbin) and hadn't had very much success, so we were a little worried. However, when we drove into town, there were people everywhere! Apparently there was a color run going on, so we were able to exceed our goal, which was for sure a blessing.

Favorite line:
Homelessman to Sister J: "You have such pretty teeth!" 
Sister J: "Thank you, I use toothpaste."

Favorite conversation: 
Talking with [another religion's] preacher. He had some very interesting (and frustrating) ideas about Mormons and about God, but it was such a powerful experience to be able to bear my testimony to him and tell him what I knew to be true. It definitely built my faith.

Favorite lesson: 
We picked up a new investigator this week, and introduced and read some of The Book of Mormon to her. It was a simple lesson, but we could tell that she felt the spirit very strongly as we read and even was crying at the end! There are certain people I've met who really just really crave anything spiritual, and have such a bright light of Christ about them. B. is definitely one of them!

Favorite meal:
Our ward mission leader took us to eat at Colonel Harland Sanders Cafe, the birthplace of KFC--right here in Corbin. So very kind of him!
Each day here seems so long that I can hardly even remember what all happened! It feels good to be a missionary. Sometimes I don't feel as successful as I want to or determined enough, or I wonder if I am making a big difference even. But when we follow the Spirit, we're able to go and do what I think Christ would do if he were here right now in Corbin!

 But I love it here and I love the people. They all are so colorful and beautiful and faithful in what they value and know to be true. Each one is so different, but I can truly say that I love them all. My testimony has been strengthened so much and I have learned a lot about Jesus Christ and the Atonement. It truly carries through everything in life!! I love you all and wish you the best this week!

Sister Galloway

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