Monday, September 16, 2013

Cops, Fruity Pebbles and the Shower Rod

Hello all!
      This week has been good. I am continuing to learn so so much!! One of the biggest things that I've learned this week is how involved Heavenly Father really is in our lives. As a missionary, it's so necessary to rely on the spirit.  It's really amazed me what miracles have occurred as a result of that! This week we had the impression to stop by and see on of our investigators who's been really busy lately. We knocked and she came to the door and basically yelled at us, saying that she was having an awful week and just wanted to lay down and sleep, but that this was the third time that hour she'd been woken up by someone knocking! I was ready to just apologize and walk away, but Sister J. kept on talking to her. She calmed down a little and agreed to sit down and read some scriptures with us. I'm really glad that we did, because the spirit was very strong and I know she was able to get some of the comfort and answers that she needed. We also got a referal from a member this week, and was able to meet with another woman who's having some very tough trials. It really amazes me the things that people have to go through sometimes, and breaks my heart to see. But it's definitely strengthened my testimony of the Gospel and the power it has to heal. 

 We also have been doing a lot of contacting, which gets kind of interesting sometimes!! People here are very into religion and really, really love Jesus. One woman we were contacting started talking about how sometimes when she's doing dishes, she'll just throw her hands up and praise the lord! 

It was a fun surprise to get this picture from the Primary President in their local ward.

 But this Sunday was really good. We literally pass 5 different christian churches on our 5 minute drive to the chapel. We also got pulled over on the way home! But it was all good because Sister J. started contacting the cop. I was trying really hard not to laugh (while searching desperately for the insurance), but we didn't get a ticket...possibly because the cop was a member of another religion that is very strong here and probably didn't want to hear anymore about our church. We couldn't really complain!

You asked about my night in the Mission home and frankly, it was a blur to me. I was so tired from traveling! My mission president's wife is very classy. I like her a lot. 

 I am so sad to hear about the tragic accident that happened to the families in the Goodyear Stake. I will pray for them.  I'm glad the scripture helped P. feel comfort about her friends. Sometimes I get sad when I'm away at college or here on the mission because I can't be there for her and H. like I need to be, but I'm glad that the spirit is there to lead and inspire us even if it's very subtly.

 On a happier note, I'm glad that you had a wonderful birthday, mom! I wish that I could've been there to eat some yummy carrot cake with you and help you out with the whole "too many sweets thing." Sister J has a lot of charity and gives away many of our sweets!! But on the plus side I don't need that much and I'm becoming better at "temperance" (new word I learned this week -moderation in all things!) I even shared my Fruity Pebbles this week. The mission really changes you. 

Our fridge quit working so we have milk in the freezer right now. It is hard to call and report it because  we are so busy and the office is closed during lunchtime. Frozen milk is almost worse than no milk. Then the shower rod fell on my head one morning. Good thing I am so hard-headed; Satan can't get this girl down. But I have Fruity Pebbles and the Spirit, so I am pretty much set for life! 

Guess What?? One of the members here just got a dog and it's a Shiz-Tzu/Maltese mix (just like our dog!) except it's about as big as my foot, all white and cute. His name is Bear. Can we get a puppy-version of our dog? I might just approve of that.

Well I hope that everyone is doing well and has a great week! 
Love, Sister A. Galloway

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