Monday, September 30, 2013

Fasting, Miracles & the Temple

This week in Corbin has been full of miracles! We picked up some new investigators this week whom I absolutely adore. One in particular is A, and we are trying to teach her boyfriend too. She is incredibly humble, faithful, and loves having us come because of the comfort and strength that the Spirit brings. While we were teaching her, all of a sudden an investigator, whom we had lost contact with, showed up at her door! I guess she is A's Aunt, and we were able to talk to her and get back in contact.  

That's spaghetti squash  in case you were wondering. There's a reason I don't usually buy vegetables, mom! :)

This Sunday the ward fasted for missionary work, and especially that we'll be able to have more Priesthood in the ward because it is desperately needed! That afternoon, Sister J and I picked up 3 new male investigators that are in the perfect age rage! It was such a blessing. Another miracle was that we wanted to give A. a Book of Mormon, but had run completely out!! (worst missionaries ever -I know!) But as we were getting out of our car to go visit her, I said a quick prayer, and had the impression to double check under one of the seats. I did, and there was a Book of Mormon :) 

Sister Galloway & Sister J


 The Restoration is one thing that I have gained a big testimony of. It's such a powerful lesson and so true. I think it's easy to take our testimonies for granted just a little or even treat it casually, but when you have someone straight up tell you that Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet or some other falsehood, it really just offends my spirit. Then we bear our testimonies and usually I feel the truthfulness of it even more strongly in my heart.

We also had the opportunity to go to the Louisville temple on Thursday!!! It's only been a month since I've been, but it was such a relief and comfort to be able to go. Our whole session was our zone, so it was awesome being there with all missionaries! And much needed :) We also had interviews this week by President and Sister W. They are so fantastic and I just love them! 

Six Sister Missionaries in the Lexington Zone at the Louisville, Kentucky temple. A member sent this picture to us & they flashed the "I Love You" symbol when she told them it was going to their families! :)

Other exciting things that happened this week include:

-Giving a Preacher a card with David A. Bednar videos to look up on it. He was much, much nicer than the other one we talked to last week!

-Getting locked out of our house. 

-Contacting people at a marching band invitational (It brought back a lot of good memories for me!)

-Getting stung by a bee for the first time ever. 

-New Nutella recipe: Nutella sandwich with melted marshmallows--yummy!!! We were given a bunch of marshmallows from one of our investigators!  

 The GPS got us a little lost trying to find the Highway.... But on another note, the top of this hill had a tiny little fenced- off cemetery and some turkey hens. Also a large enough space to turn around and find the right road :)

By the way, Kentucky roads make no sense. There are lots of twisty, tiny roads and lots of trees! Also, the local aren't the best at giving directions. The other day someone told us to "look for the hidden driveway" as a landmark.  But Kentucky is so very beautiful, even when we are lost!
Sometimes at the end of the day, our District Leader, Elder T. will call just to see how our day went and if I'm talking to him, I always have trouble remembering what happened that day because so much and so many different things happen each day. It really is true what Bilbo Baggins says, "Stepping out of your front door is an awfully risky business, you never know where your feet (or the Spirit in our case!) might take you." 

Well, I hope that everyone is doing well, and has a blessed week!
-Sister Ashlyn Galloway

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