Monday, September 2, 2013

Calls from the Airports

We all slept terribly last night. All because we were waiting for the phone to ring! Yep, it is the day Ashlyn arrives in Louisville, Kentucky. We knew it would be an early morning phone call, so all the phones were put on the night stands--and made sure they were charged. 

This was probably the first time in her life that Ashlyn has used a payphone, I think.

She called from the Salt Lake Airport at 5 am this morning. She was happy and excited to go. She is traveling with all 24 missionaries going to Kentucky, 14 Sisters and 10 Elders. They were flying to Atlanta and then on to Louisville.  She said they also came from the MTC with a group of missionaries heading to South Carolina today. We asked her questions about the MTC and she said there were 2 teachers she really loved and had learned a lot from. She wanted to know what we were doing here at home. Jeremy told her about the new Hobbit movie trailer he saw. We also talked some logistical things. They had been instructed to keep the calls short, so we tried to talk fast!

Luckily, she said her suitcases were only 45 and 48 pounds each, falling within the weight guidelines for the airlines. She put some heavy items in her carry-on. Whew! 

At 10 am, we got another call from her at the Atlanta airport. This one was much shorter and much more emotional.  This was the last time we talked until Christmas Day.

Ashlyn sounded humble and confident on the phone. She is ready to go teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and yet surprised at how fast the time has gone since Aug. 21st when she checked into the MTC in Provo.

She will meet her mission president & his wife, The Woodbury's, this afternoon when she arrives in Louisville. We have heard wonderful things about them & other members in the area! 



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