Friday, January 9, 2015

Skype Call -- Christmas 2014

We miss her laugh so much! And we find humor in the things she laughs at---things we don't think are funny!!

We Love Sister Galloway!

Ashlyn's planner for the last transfer of her mission. Me: "Ash, who is that guy??" Ashlyn: "Huh? No one, of course!"

Not sure what she was talking about here, but she was excited about it!

The backdrop sign we made for the call!
This was the last Skype call for Ashlyn's mission. It was great to hear her voice and talk to her again. She sounded more mature and grown up. She seemed to glow with happiness and loves her mission. We asked her a question about coming home and it completely caught her off-guard, like she hasn't even thought about coming home in March. She also seemed to be checking her watch often.  At the end of the call, which always goes by too quickly, we asked her to bear her testimony. It was very sweet and the Spirit was very strong. Then her dad said family prayer & at the end of it,  happily, she announced, "See you Soon!" She was eager to get back to her work and this was the ONLY time it was somewhat easy to say "goodbye" and let her go serve the Lord.This was the BEST part of Christmas day for our family!

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