Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another week on my mission!

Dear Family,

I don't have much time today to email. 

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This week has been really good. We have seen a lot of blessings!! We had a guy call us randomly and ask us to pray for him. We were able to set up a return appointment and go meet him. That was really cool! Also, we have been teaching the W family. Sister W has been a Less-Active for many years because her husband (who is also a member) is really antagonistic towards the church. They have some issues and it's really sad, but she has a solid testimony and really wants her kids to be baptized. We taught her the 15 step program last Monday night and today makes 1 week since she's smoked!!! :D So that's awesome. It was all her, knowing she needed to quit and wanting to quit. Linda is her mom and she has a trache (hole in her throat she breathes out of and plugs to talk). She is just amazing and has a baptism date of Feb. 14th. We will have to figure out the trache thing so the baptism doesn't mess it up. There is a light in her eyes that's come since she's been learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reading the Book of Mormon. She really feels it and knows it's true. E is Sister W's 12 yr old daughter. E is tall for her age, very thin, and kind of quiet and shy, but really nice and sweet. Last week, L couldn't come because they didn't have any extra oxygen tanks for her to bring and she was SO sad! BUT, this week she was able to come and E came too. L was so excited to come to church that she didn't really sleep Saturday night! She loved church. I went to YW's with E so she would have a friend and know someone. She is really quiet and hard to read/get feedback from. She seemed to really enjoy church! It was so funny being in YW's again. There are 3 YW in the Branch and it was interesting hearing what they talked about. 

"To parents, explaining is back-talking"
"My boyfriend broke up with me on New Year's Eve because I told him my mom didn't like how much he was cussing on FB"

It was fun to go. But... all in all it made me glad that that's all behind me :) 

Sister J, my companion, is doing awesome. In the past 2 weeks, things have really clicked and she is ready to go. If she needed to take over the area again, she could do it. Health-wise she's been just fine, although the Zone Leaders have called us 3 times in about a week and a half to check up on us. I actually think they are mostly concerned with her health. I feel like we're really hitting our stride as a companionship. :) She is really awesome. She  might just be the only person I've ever met who is more stubborn than I am! But she's really turned it into a strength. In my interview with President B, he brought up the point that missions refine you in ways that otherwise it would take the Lord years to do. It is so true. Missions are a refiner's fire, but also full of so much joy. 

Today we are having a district P-day up in Bardstown. We are going to tour a jail (Yeah, I don't know why. Ask the Elders.), probably get food, and play volleyball. Since Sister J has her cosmetology licence, she's taking her scissors and stuff to cut hair.  

Here are my thoughts on Heavenly Father protecting us: Even though we have years of experience and maturity under your belt, it is legitimately only the grace of God that has kept us safe and continues to do so. He trusts us so much with his children as mothers, sharing the gospel as 19 year old missionaries and in so many other capacities we don't really deserve His "trust" in. But, He trusts us anyways, and leads us and keeps us safe. Sometimes we have to trust that others will make wise decisions (whether it's behind a wheel, or in important life decisions) and we need to follow Heavenly Father's example and trust them. Most importantly, trust that He will take care of them because they are HIS children and He loves them more than we ever can.  

Also, if you saw the roads I drive on and have driven on, you would probably have a heart attack and die. Not to scare you but.. if He has taken care of me he will take care of everyone else. Though after all the practice out here, it's going to be an absolute dream driving on roads out west).

Have a GREAT week!
-Sister Ashlyn Galloway

Washing the car on P-day! 

Quotes this week:
Us: "Have you prayed about the Word of Wisdom?"
Investigator: " Yes!!! I've asked God 'okay, so what is up with the whole tea thing?!' But I still don't get it!"

Recent Convert: "I'm not saying you're ugly or anything but I just think girls look so much better without makeup"

WML: "Alright Fine, you stuborn hilltopper. Freeze, for all I care!" 
(Brother D speaks fluent redneck and I am always learning new words/insults that I can't define. I think I need to start keeping a quote book)

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