Saturday, November 2, 2013

One Big, Happy Blur

It's strange to think that another week has past already! This week I heard missions described as "one big, happy blur" and I think that's pretty accurate. Sunday nights I'm often surprised to realize that the next day is already P-day! But it's nice.

 This week we had some great experiences and picked up two new investigators. Their names are D and N. They are a father and son who live next to each other, and have a farm with chickens everywhere!! They are also trappers, and have a horse that can count by moving it's hoof, nod, shake it's head, and bow. So, it basically talks :P But they are great and have been pretty consistent about reading so far. After our lesson, D said that he'd never heard it explained that way and that "I reckon N and I are a lot like Joseph." It was a good lesson, and it was great to have some members there-our lessons go SO much better and are a lot more powerful when we have members there to bear their testimony and to relate to, especially converts, which is at least half of the ward here.

The Narnia Bathroom

There's an extra walk in closet in our bedroom, and another walk in closet door that my bed was pushed up against, and one day at dinner, I got super curious as to what was in it. So, I moved my bed and opened it. And it was better than Narnia...or at least more surprising. We found a bathroom!!!  Here is a picture of (some) of the random objects we found.

-two birthday princess hats (too bad we didn't have those for Sister J's 6 month celebration!)

-A Menorah tissue box
-A football
-A Christmas Tree

Our finds!!

One thing that I love about serving a mission, is how many opportunities I get to bear my testimony. Those times are definitely when I feel the Spirit the strongest.

This week I think I also heard the phrase "I'm a Baptist" for the millionth time :P I feel like half my conversations go like this:
"Would you be interested in learning more about Christ?"
"I'm a Baptist".
"Hi, we are missionaries fro--"
"I'm a Baptist".
"Hello Sir. How are you today?"
"I'm a Baptist".
But, it is a good thing that people have such strong faith and dedication. Even if it's hard for me as a missionary to hear all the time! But that's OK.

So over on the other street, there is this super adorable kitty that always follows us whenever we walk by. It's happened several times & it will walk with us for a few blocks before it'll get distracted by chasing a leaf or scared by a barking dog. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen and I've tried to convince Sister J. that us taking it home would increase our productiveness, make me super happy to get up the mornings and more spiritual. I pet it even though I am HIGHLY allergic to cats. If we could adopt it, I would let it sleep on the extra bed in our house. Our upstairs neighbors just had their 1st baby & he is a cutie as well. Darn Satan, trying to use kittens and newborns to get me to break mission rules!! ha ha! 

Beautiful Kentucky

This ward is so fantastic because of all the different, unique, beautiful and colorful backgrounds that the members have. One of our members says, "I'm always in church unless I'm in jail." Literally. If he's not at church, you KNOW some thing's wrong. (He spent 6 months in jail for some false charges that just got cleared, finally!) We have families in all the ranges of more well-to-do to those who struggle a lot. Ultimately, it all comes down to the fact that Christ's Atonement and Gospel gives everyone the chance to heal and to change. It makes me realize how much we know that we take for granted. A testimony should never, ever be left alone, taken for granted or devalued. It needs to be shared, even if it's simple because that' when it's most powerful.  

Have a wonderful week & Happy Halloween!
Sister A. Galloway 

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