Monday, November 11, 2013


This week has been full of absolute blessings for me!! The spirit has truly been there to lead and guide us as we've worked hard at recognizing promptings, and expressing gratitude for them. One example is on Wednesday we decided to stop by and try to see some promising investigators who we hadn't been able to see in a while. Every time we had set an appointment  they canceled or weren't home. When we walked up, we noticed that their car wasn't there but felt like we needed to knock anyway. J answered the door, and he was so surprised to see us! Standing next to him, was a friend that he was giving a Book of Mormon to! (His wife had rather miraculously ran into an extra copy while out of town) Apparently they had just spent about an hour discussing it when we knocked! Justin was really excited to see us, we had only met him once and had promised that if he read it, his life would be blessed. He told us that he decided to read it so that he could prove us wrong next time we ran into him, but that he LOVES it now! He's in Alma, and got so excited while talking about it that he even used a little profanity :P He has a lot of questions and we are very excited to teach him this next week!

Another lesson we taught this week was on Sunday. We felt like we should stop by the house of a potential investigator. Thankfully, she was home. (Some people here are not so great with set appointments if you can't tell haha) She is a 16 year old {and a member of another church}, but has an older brother who converted to the church. We taught her and her mom, who are very sincere, deep thought and upbeat. They also had A LOT of questions! Thankfully the spirit was there to help us, because if we had just tried to answer them, we wouldn't have really accomplish our purpose. Instead, we just listened and testified of The Book of Mormon and of the Atonement when the spirit prompted us to. They both committed to reading and want to come to church/youth activities! I am so grateful for the impact that The Book of Mormon has had on my life and that I can, with my whole heart, testify that The Book of Mormon is true and will change one's life.

This week has been fantastic. And, on a side note, I've become so addicted to the word "fantastic" because Elder W. always always says it and it has rubbed off on me! So Sister J (my companion) will say "it sure is, Elder W!" when I say it. 

I feel so remarkably blessed. There is so much potential here in Corbin. I feel not quite up to all of it! There are so many people here that are willing to read the B.O.M. or at least hear us out. The people here value their personal relationship with Christ so much. The field truly is "white, already to harvest" Sometimes I feel bad because if I were better at discerning or more loving or spiritual or hard working or diligent  that I could accomplish so much more. I guess that I will have to keep on working and trying to improve so that I can do His will. I really want to convert someone though, and not just "baptize" because it would break my heart if I baptized someone if they fell away. The ward also really really needs kingdom builders, not just baptisms.

{And this line was from Sister J's email: "We are part of a great work!"}

This week we also did a lot of service which was SO fun! We helped a member clear some fallen trees, and then we helped the son of an older investigator cut down and clear out another tree. Don't worry mom..I didn't use a chainsaw. :)

There are so many other miracles that happened this week that I wish I had time to write about: Inviting D and N to pray about baptism, teaching in unity, finding new investigators, members teaching with us and giving us referrals, and so many other things! I am so grateful for all the love and support that I have from everyone around me and especially from the Lord.  I miss you all sooo much! And I think of everyone often. I hope you all have a fantastic week!!
Sister A. Galloway

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