Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Heavenly Father is REALLY, REALLY smart!!

This week held a few challenges, but as always, the Lord's hand was in each day! We had a few of our more progressing investigators drop us, so that was a little disheartening, but we also had some good things happen as well.

Tuesday night we went and taught the B family. We took Sister S, who recently returned from serving with her husband as a mission president in the Philippines. (We were really excited to go teaching with her.) It was really neat because it turns out that the investigator we took her to had grown up in the Sister S's neighborhood. She had played with her kids! Our investigator remembered the good example of that LDS family and later in life, Heavenly Father arranged the time that they would investigate the church with Sister S helping us, to line up perfectly. Heavenly Father's timing is perfect! It was a big testimony booster to me. I have to remember that even when things in missionary work or in life don't go according to 'our' plans, that Heavenly Father know each of His children and when different things need to fall into place.  It's so neat to see how Heavenly Father truly places people in certain times/situations, in order to further His work.  He gives us every opportunity for success and knows us perfectly.
This week we also taught a woman named E, who is from a small country (that I forgot how to spell.... oops)! Her husband is from Ethiopia and they are so sweet. 
We also taught J, whom we've been teaching for awhile. When we taught J, we took a member with us whom we've never been teaching with. Just like with the B family, I think she was exactly who Heavenly Father needed to be there. J has been struggling in his relationship with Christ and feels like his prayers weren't answered. The member we brought was able to share a powerful testimony about some similar experiences in her life and how God really did hear her and eventually, answer her prayers. At the time she was going through her trials, it must have felt endless and unreasonable. Not only did she learn and grow from it, but I know that her having been given that trial, was able to strengthen and lift our investigator who really needs it.

Today, Sister Bl and I are probably going to take the bus to Bardstown Road (downtown L'ville) to do a little window shopping. It's a fun part of town. We had dinner with some members down there and afterwards they showed us some streets that had some old Victorian houses/mansions on it. It was really cool! 

There is this 44 year old guy (aka "Creeper") who likes me. It made for an interesting week. I better not get transferred because of him. #SisterMissionaryProblems
I am so grateful to know that I am a daughter of Heavenly Father and that He is actively involved in my life. I know that he hears each of my prayers and answers each is his own time. I think it's easy to believe that Heavenly Father CAN answer prayers/bless us with miracles, but I think we struggle to believe that he WILL. I know that Heavenly Father not only can answer us and bless us with miracles, but that he does!! Every day, in fact! It's so important to remember to look outward and serve and help others "Come Unto Christ" because that's often how Heavenly Father answers our prayers, gives us peace/comfort, works miracles in our lives and in the lives of his other children.
Sister Ashlyn Galloway
 And one last thought....

---April is spring. Who doesn't want to get married in spring? There are flowers, blue skies and happiness. Love is in the air! ♥♥♥

---There are way more wedding dress restrictions if you get married in December because of the weather.

---There will probably be snow in December. She will get lost and no one will be able to find her in her white dress. No one wants the bride to be lost on her day!

--- Yes, I realize she lives in {WARM CLIMATE}, but since it's the "Last Days," there will probably be a crazy, random snow storm on her wedding day.

---I will cry myself to sleep every night of December if she decides to do that.

---Doesn't she want to have one last Christmas with her great family? If she gets married before Christmas, her parents will probably feel less obligated to give her presents!

---And of course, if it's in April, then I will be there!!!! And If I don't see her example of choosing to get married in the temple to a nice RM, then I might just go apostate and marry a dead-beat. Hence, I will be miserable and homeless the rest of my life!!! ha ha ha!

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