Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Fourth!!

July 4th, 2014
This week has been a good one! I am constantly amazed by how many miracles are in each day, and how clearly I can see the Lord's hand in my life and especially in the lives of those whom I talk with.
One thing we have been working on as a companionship, and also as a district, is contacting. It's been really neat to see that as we have gone out of our way to contact those who we may not have otherwise talked with, Heavenly Father has been able to bless our life and theirs. A few examples of that this week are a woman who had just been asking God for guidance, a man using a table saw who we almost didn't contact, but really needed a prayer and message about Christ, and many others. We contacted a woman at a gas station and asked to say a prayer with her. She said no, but we asked why and she started to tear up and said her mother had just passed away and that she wasn't in a good place with God. I know that Heavenly Father was very aware of her and her pain and sent us to talk to her so that she would know that he was aware of her.
This week we also taught J and gave him a church tour. (It's amazing the spirit that really is in our church buildings. I also believe and know that taking the sacrament each week really helps us to use the Atonement in our lives.) J is really stubborn. He recently had a sister who he was close to, pass away. She must be something special because we definitely were led to him, specifically. Although he hasn't progressed very fast by missionary standards, I feel really good about him and I figure his sister must really want her work done. We're both just waiting for him now! Ha ha!! 
Hearing about F-J really made me think of C, my homeless investigator, in Corbin. Teaching him was a very heart-wrenching experience, but the times we taught him made me realize how absolutely, thoroughly and completely aware Heavenly Father is of each of his children. And even C was able to realize God's hand in his life. I could also see, that even though the situation he was in was awful, that it was honestly humbling him in ways that he hadn't been humbled before and softening  his heart. C still has a ways to go and still needs to open up his heart some, but teaching him strengthened my testimony so much that Heavenly Father is so close to us. And I know he's aware of F-J and where F-J is physically and spiritually. He will help him as quickly as F-J lets him. Prayers are powerful and I know that Heavenly Father answers them. Also, just the fact that F-J has parents and family who LOVE him, is huge. You really see as a missionary how detrimental NOT having that is. Just my thoughts...!

I had a realization the other day that I miss Peanut. I guess it's taken me 10 months to want to see the dog again. You would tell me if he died, right??
We also had a great fourth of July!! We had a ward breakfast and then we went downtown to go to district meeting, where we had a really good training on Charity. Unfortunately, that backfired later in the day when we ran into some um, interesting fellows, but, it all worked out!! We only proselyted until 6, then spent the rest of the night at a members, and got to watch fireworks. Everyone just did their own and there were a TON! Actually, there still are some every night. I am told they will continue through the whole month.

Happy 238th Birthday, America!!
Have a WONDERFUL week!!!
Sister Galloway

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