Monday, October 14, 2013

No such thing as Stranger Danger--We talk to everyone!!

This week one thing that our district has been really focusing on is contacts. So Sister J. and I contacted so much this week, which was really good for me. Contacting isn't necessarily my favorite thing!  But it helped me out a lot. (Note: Sister J's email reported that between 4 companionships in their district, they contacted a total of 579 people throughout the week. Each of them are in very small towns, so it was truly a miracle.)
We also ran into a lot of old potential investigators. And had some interesting conversations of course! One that I remember off the top of my head is a (slightly drunk) man who wouldn't let us pray with his family until we told him where unicorns were in the Bible. We also talked to [another religion's] minister who was also a religion teacher. He was very learned and had actually read The Book of Mormon before! But he hadn't (nor was he willing to) take Moroni's challenge and ask if it was true. It's always interesting because here in Corbin, we talk to so many different types of people and a lot of people who are very learned. It makes me so grateful to have the Spirit because without the Spirit and my testimony, I wouldn't be able to do hardly anything as a missionary. I know that the church is true. The Spirit touches the hearts of people and lives can be changed and burdens lifted in a way no earthly hand can lift.

Another picture of my district.
  Our district is the same for next transfer, except Elder H is leaving to be a District Leader in Illinois. Oh, and before you ask yes that's a new shirt. I  like it! Our investigator, J (who, REALLY reminds me of Sister Robison, one of my favorite advisors in YW) was donating a lot of clothes to Goodwill, so I got that one and a lacy gray one. :)

We also saw a few miracles this week! We got a random call from a man we had met for a few minutes at our investigator's A's house. We had given him a Book of Mormon, and had not seen or heard from him in 2 weeks and had honestly not really thought much about him. He said that he wanted us to bring his wife a copy, since he was out of town. We also learned that he was in Alma!! And he talked about how "plain and precious" it was.

Also while out contacting, we talked to 2 high school girls and when we mentioned the church, one of them said "Latter-day Saints? I love that place! All my best childhood memories are there!" I guess her family had gone some when she was young, and her mom is actually a less active. There are a lot of less actives in the ward. Out of 500 members, only about 100 attend regularly.

This week the Sister Training Leaders came and blitzed with us, so I spend the day with Sister W, who actually served her first 6 months in Corbin. It was a really neat day and I learned a lot from her!

The keys also got locked in the trunk this week... so we had to call the locksmith, who apparently had met with missionaries in the past and said we could stop by anytime! Maybe Heavenly Father is just trying to put certain people in our path? ha ha!!

Sister J is with me for another transfer -yay!! I hope I'm in Corbin a long time like she has been! And as Brother P (ward mission leader) so lovingly put it the other night, "it's too hard to break in new missionaries here." I really appreciate Bro. P. He told Sis J and I that he'd just adopt us as his daughters since we reminded him of them so much and because of all the times we've had to call him for help. ha ha!

But I love being a missionary and I know that no matter what our life is like, the Gospel path is the only path that there is in life that leads anywhere worthwhile. It's not always easy to do what Heavenly Father expects of us, but it's the path that we are asked to follow. It leads to lasting happiness. I am so incredibly grateful that I have a testimony and the opportunity to share it with others! 

-Sister Galloway

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